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WHEN clean potatoes

harvesting potatoes

has its own specific deadlines which you must adhere to the growers to harvest potatoes.

If the potatoes clean, sooner or later life, this may adversely affect the further storage of tubers.

Does the term came up for the potato harvest, it is possibledetermine, after examining the aerial parts of this vegetable. In ready-to-harvest potato foliage takes on a yellowish tint. In addition, the thickness of the potato peel can also be understood, if the tubers are ready for winter storage. Check out this easy, just need to rub a finger peel. If it can be easily removed, so the potatoes are not yet fully matured. Harvest the tubers with a thin skin prone to various diseases and bad will be stored in the winter.

It is possible to artificially strengthen the potato peel. To this end, about a week before the harvest you need to mow all the tops almost to the ground. If the leaves are not sick, they can lay in the compost pile.

If at the time of harvest is between the rowsfallen leaves, it is recommended to remove, to pathogens, which they are not moved to the tubers. Potatoes should be removed before the foliage has dried. Otherwise, all diseases, which usually inhabit podvyadshie potato foliage, will go into the soil on tubers.

The quality of the storage of potatoes and weather influences,where was harvested. It is best to remove the tubers in dry sunny and quite warm weather. Desirably, the temperature was about 12-15 degrees. At colder and the more humid weather, tubers, likely to decay in storage. And if you remove the potatoes when the air temperature above 15 degrees, it would be scary even minor mechanical damage. Sores on these tubers are well tightened, and potatoes stored for a long time.

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