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When to clean the potatoes


Potato harvesting</a>

For potato harvesting there are certain dates that gardeners need to adhere to.

If the potatoes are removed earlier or later than the time, this may adversely affect the further storage of the tubers.

Is there a time limit for harvesting potatoes?Determine by examining the above-ground part of this vegetable. The foliage that is ready for harvesting becomes yellowish. In addition, according to the thickness of the potato peel, you can also understand whether the tubers are ready for winter storage. Check it is simple, you just rub your finger on the skin. If it is easily removed, it means that the potatoes are not yet fully ripe. The harvest of tubers with such a thin skin is susceptible to various diseases and will be poorly stored in winter.

It is possible to artificially strengthen the peel of potatoes. To do this, about a week before harvesting, you need to mow the entire tops almost to the ground. If the leaves are not sick, they can be put in a compost pile.

If during the harvesting in the inter-row liesFallen leaves, it is recommended to remove it, so that the pathogens that are on them are not transferred to the tubers. Potatoes must be removed before the tops dry. Otherwise, all the diseases that usually live on the wilted foliage of potatoes will pass into the soil on the tubers.

The quality of storage of potatoes is affected by the weather,At which the harvest was harvested. It is best to clean the tubers in dry sunny and rather warm weather. It is desirable that the air temperature is about 12-15 degrees. With colder and, especially, wet weather, the tubers are most likely to rot in the vault. And if you clean potatoes at an air temperature above 15 degrees, then even small mechanical damages will be intolerable to him. The ruffles on these tubers are well tightened, and potatoes are stored for a long time.

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