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When to put cabbage on storage


When to cabbage for storage</a>

Cabbage is a vegetable containing a huge amount of nutrients.

Perhaps, there is no such family in which at least occasionally cabbage dishes were not present on the table.

That is why many owners of the "six hectare" have a few beds with this wonderful vegetable, take care of the harvest and must clean it in a strictly defined time.

If you want your crop of cabbageWas stored for a long time, then you just need to choose the right time for collecting this culture. The fact is that if cabbage is collected too late, most of the cabbage will crack during storage, and if it is too early, it will quickly wither and become unsuitable for use in food.

So, first of all you need to drawAttention to the appearance of cabbage: the lower leaves must turn yellow, the forks themselves must reach the sizes characteristic for a particular variety and acquire the proper firmness. It is not necessary to reject the appearance and timing of maturation of certain varieties of cabbage. For example, early-ripening varieties should be harvested in late July - early August (these varieties are not intended for long-term storage, but these vegetables produce incredibly tasty salads).

Medium-ripeness same varieties of cabbage can be harvested inSeptember, and if you are going to keep harvesting cabbages (do not eat vegetables or salt), do not allow them to freeze. Well, if this did happen (often frosts can be observed in the mornings in the morning), cabbage should be given a day to settle, and only close to the evening cut (provided that the weather was dry).

The optimal time for harvesting cabbage late maturingTerm - the middle-end of October. Cutting time should be chosen from the goal of further use of vegetables, for example, if you are going to brew cabbage, then you can cut it already in the middle of the month, and if stored, the collection should be made at the end of October, and it should not be cut off, but digged along with the root .

To note that the cabbage was stored longer and wasCrispy, in the morning vegetables need to be poured, and in the evening to dig up. Do not be frightened if the crop freezes, because the cabbage of the late-ripening variety does not suffer a freeze up to -5 degrees, however, only provided that the heads are not cut off by stumps.

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