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WHEN clean cabbage for storage

When clean the cabbage for storage

Cabbage - a vegetable that contains a lot of useful substances.

Perhaps, there is a family in which at least occasionally on the table were not present cabbage dishes.

That is why many owners of "six hundred" have a few beds with this wonderful vegetable, care for the crop and be sure to make it clean in a strictly defined period of time.

If you want to harvest your cabbagestored for a long time, then you just need to choose the period of collection of the culture. The fact is that if too late to collect cabbages, cabbages most of crack during storage, and if the early - it will fade quickly and become unsuitable for use in food.

Thus, you first need to payattention to the appearance of cabbage: lower leaves should turn yellow, himself forks reach the typical size for a particular class and to acquire proper hardness. Do not discard of species and ripening of certain varieties of cabbage. For example, early-maturing varieties should be returned at the end of July - early August (grade values ​​are not intended for long-term storage, but from the data obtained vegetable incredibly delicious salads).

Mid-same kind of cabbage can be harvested inthe month of September, and if you are going to store the harvest of cabbages (vegetables will not make sour or salt), then in any case do not let them podmerzaniya. Well, if this all happened (often autumn mornings can be seen frozen), the cabbage is necessary to settle the day, and only late in the afternoon to cut (with the proviso that the weather was dry).

The optimal time for harvesting late-cabbageperiod - mid-late October. Time cutting of heads should be selected on the purpose of further use of vegetables, for example, if you are going cabbage booze, the cut may be in the middle of the month, and if the store, the collection of the best produce in the end of October, the heads of cabbage, it is desirable not to cut and dig out with roots .

Information to the cabbage was stored longercrispy, vegetables should be watered in the morning and in the evening dig. Do not be afraid, if the crop podmerznet, because late-cabbage varieties tolerate bad frosts to - 5 degrees, but only on condition that he not cut heads of cabbage stumps.

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