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WHEN picking beets for storage


When to store beets for storage</a>

Proper and timely harvesting of beets ensures that the vegetables will be well stored, and the amount of nutrients in them will be at the maximum mark.

Naturally, the time of collection of these vegetables depends on the variety of fruits and the region of cultivation, however, several general guidelines can be distinguished.

Beetroot is a root with a characteristicActively grow during a period of lowering the air temperature, which can be observed in the autumn period. This is why many vegetable growers start collecting beets until the last. However, frosts can ruin the crop, because some of the root crops are above the surface of the earth: if the frost takes a beetroot, in most cases, the root crops will be unfit for storage.

If autumn is warm enough, then keep the fruit onBeds for a long time is not worth it, because the beets can become fibrous. Also in the rainy autumn, harvesting is not necessary to postpone harvesting: the roots will become watery and lose their flavor properties. And, of course, an excess of moisture in the soil can lead to the fact that the fruit will simply begin to rot.

If autumn is quite dry and cool, then inIn this case it is better to leave beets in the ground for September and October, in this case it will not only be filled with useful substances, but in the future its storage time will increase somewhat.

From the foregoing, it can be concluded thatThe harvest of beets directly depends on the region of its cultivation, variety, weather (especially late summer and early autumn), the size of the fruit (if the roots are large, then you can start digging them, if small - let grow). Also speaks of the ripeness of the fruit and the appearance of plants, for example, yellowing of the lower leaves and their wilting, growths on the beet are direct signs that it's time to start harvesting.

How to collect and store beets safely

Once you have decided on the timing of cleaningBeetroot, wait for a dry sunny day, gently pull root crops from the ground, remove dirt from them, lay them on a special litter and leave the clock for five to dry up a little (if possible, it is better to clean without scorching, this will protect the beets from mechanical damage ). After a while, cut the tops with a sharp knife two or three millimeters from the fruit.

Keep the beets either in the cellar or in the basement, where the air temperature does not drop below zero degrees. Ideal storage option - in wooden boxes, sprinkling vegetables with sand.

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