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WHEN remove the garlic from the garden

When I remove the garlic from the garden

Garlic has long been famous for its healing properties, which is why in our latitudes, it is grown all over the place, the more the plant quite unpretentious.

There are winter and spring garlic, harvesting time of the first start a little earlier than the second.

Cleaning of winter garlic

To understand whether you need to start cleaningwinter garlic, first of all need to look at the leaves of the plant: if the lower leaves turn yellow and wither, the time has come. It is also necessary to look at the ends of the stems of garlic: bulbs burst-box with seeds (the bulb growers call them) also say that harvest time has come. Generally, it is believed that the winter garlic matures after one hundred days after landing, so spending some simple calculations, you can set the estimated cleaning time.

Clean up winter garlic should be in dry weather,and preferably in the morning. Onion subversive little shovel, then gently pull it out of the ground, holding pens. Lay it on the ground (or on a special litter), then proceed to the next digging the bulbs. After the harvest will be dug out, cover the bulbs with a cotton cloth (this will prevent the evaporation of moisture and intense garlic during drying does not burst), and if the weather allows it, leave the garlic for a few days (three to five days). Over time, drag the crop in a dry well ventilated room, and a month later you can begin to cutoff of the roots and stems false.

Cleaning of spring garlic

Periods of harvesting the summer usually comes to garlicmid-August - mid September. The first signs of maturation: the softening of the cervix bulbs termination feather growth, yellowing of the mass of their tips, lodging stalks. All these signs indicate that the root system of plants dies, heads of garlic are formed, so wait for a sunny day and start to harvest. harvesting technology and putting into storage is similar to the above, however it is worth noting that the spring garlic calls for a more careful handling than winter.

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