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WHEN passes alumni meeting

Alumni meeting - welcome sobyatie

Meeting of graduates - a joyous event.

It allows you to see and to speak with their classmates, teachers, remember wonderful school years and talk about how fate has.

When is the alumni meeting

Usually reunion in all schools in the countryheld on the first Saturday of February, and the date is different each year. That day school open their doors for those who once studied there. On this occasion, it is preparing a concert program with the participation of students, teachers and graduates themselves. The meeting could take place in the evening or afternoon, depending on the orders of the director.

Some schools designate a day for the reunion. Also it can not take place within the school and in the town square.

As the event takes place

Particular attention is paid to the anniversary issue. Those who graduated from the school of 5, 10, 15 years ago. In such an event the former students come from different cities and even countries, to see dear friends heart. This is a great opportunity to talk about their successes and achievements, to tell you about my family, wife and children, to share experiences, exchange phone numbers with friends to keep in touch. graduates and teachers attend the meetings, which have long been retired. They are the guests of honor, who are looking forward to. After all, they have released several generations of graduates.

School environment

In addition to the concert program has carried out a tea partyin their classrooms. Very touching to see again the school corridors, rooms. It was here in these walls people grew up, was educated, in love, got knowledge grieved and rejoiced. So many moments were experienced. And many years later, when all the insults of the bad evaluation forgotten pleased to recall past events. The school has a special power that recreates a children's noise and laughter, the smell of baking from the school cafeteria.

Graduates are prepared for a number of creative concert program. This can be altered or song parody scene, the number of school skit.

After all the activities in the school graduatessent to continue the celebration in some night restaurant bar, nightclub, restaurant. It has an informal atmosphere, you can properly relax and talk heart to heart with the near and dear classmates, eat and dance, note meeting.
Alumni meeting - a good excuse to seehis first love. It is interesting to see how after so many years the person looks, how much has changed his outlook. Sometimes meeting alumni reunion helps people as a couple. Once classmates there, and they are fastened relationship. These love stories are not uncommon.

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