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WHEN lilac blossoms

When blooming lilacs

Lilac - shrub reaching a height of 5-7 meters, belongs to the genus of olives. There are more than thirty of its species, which vary depending on the flowering.

Under natural conditions, lilacs growing on the mountain slopes.

In the conditions close to the middle zone climateRussia, Syringa vulgaris blooms in May or June. The inflorescence is a panicle pyramidal shape paired with a length of 10-20 cm in diameter small flowers are 1-1.2 cm, have a strong aroma, are arranged in panicles -. The twin beams, each of which can be from three to five flowers.
Lilac unpretentious - it can grow on anysoil, but the best for her is loamy, rich in humus. Lilac well developed and can bloom profusely subject to deep tillage before planting, making it the mineral and organic fertilizers.

How to start flowering lilac

For lilac better location - land,fully open to the sun. The plant is unpretentious: inflorescence may develop in partial shade. With strong sun gives small lilac blossoms and fades very quickly. Because the root system of the lilac is in the surface layer of soil and its treatment such as digging or loosening must be carried out with great care. Lilac be planted on the site should be standing with a deep groundwater - soil moist, it can not stand. You can land on the hills of garden fertile land.

Lilac is able to withstand quite severe frosts - its bloom is almost not affected.

For the beginning of the lilac is considered the beginning of the growing seasonapart of renal scales. In conditions of the Moscow area it usually happens on 18-19 April. First leaves formed after 12 days. About a month after the start of the growing season lilac blooms.
Varieties that are ranotsvetuschim passearlier flowering phase for 27-39 days - their flowering can be expected in the last ten days of May, the number of 20-25. Srednetsvetuschie bloom from May 27 to June 4 pozdnetsvetuschie grade - June 10-20.

How to distinguish between varieties of lilacs

The whole bush is dissolved completely in 10 days. In the early stages are mainly varieties bloom with pink and white color flowers in the middle - with purple, blue, and purple, in the later stages - purple, purple. The flowering period of all varieties will last about forty days. At terry forms of flowers are open longer, least of all flowering varieties have white, young plants.
From the temperature dependent nature of flowering heavily. The earlier lilac blooms, the longer and more evenly, it will bloom.

Sometimes blooming flowers constrained by cold weather - if the early and medium varieties bloom at the same time later.

The lilac mainly varieties are distinguished by the inflorescences,flowers. In high-grade plant flowers are thicker than in the wild. Distinctive features are and double flowers, and a variety of flower color, and shape of the inflorescence. By the varietal characteristics include: group of varieties at the beginning of flowering, length and abundance of flowering, plant height.

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