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When kids begin agukat

When kids start agukat

Each step in the development of the child in its own interesting and important.

Parents who devote time occupation with the baby, creating favorable conditions for the development, helping him to adapt more quickly in the world.

The first month of baby's life - this time, whichfor young parents passes almost unnoticed. Many new concerns for absorbing most of the time for childcare. But I go for the second month - and now the baby requires not only timely procedures for the care and feeding, but also actively developed. Among the achievements of the crumbs can be a smile, the ability to keep the head (though, so far only a few seconds), but how happy and proud parents when their child starts agukat!

The kid starts to "speak"

Since publishing the first sounds, the child triesattract the attention of parents, moving arms and legs, smiling. Many of today's parents try to carefully ensure that all stages of the development of the baby held in time. This is a very good sign, when the mental and emotional development corresponds to age norms. And if the baby is a little late, attentive parents can help in a timely manner.
If you try to describe agukane baby islooks like this: various "o", "u", "a" and the combination of these sounds, the spoken drawl, sharply, then gently with baby alternates sounds, trying different options. Then it will develop such sounds into syllables and whole words.
Requirements in children is minimal. If a child is well-fed, dry and sleep, he has no pain, he will be an active and friendly, configured to communicate. This is in such moments and begin "monologues". If at this time to try to "talk" with a child, uttering sounds similar, in most cases it starts to listen and respond vocalizations can be complicated - it stimulates the development of good speech apparatus.

Parents usually try to make sure thatchild developed in accordance with generally accepted standards. Some are trying to whip up a little individual moments and devote a lot of time studying with the baby.

How can parents encourage a desire to communicate in a child?

Attentive parents can and should createconditions to communicate the child - just to satisfy his needs, stimulating the good mood. As a response, there is a first agukane, which is very important to encourage: pronounce the sounds behind the child, as well as syllables, simple word, encourage your baby "to answer."
You can try this exercise aspronunciation of words, sounds with enhanced articulation. After a while the kid is trying to focus on these sounds, to listen, and then imitate.

Running a little exercise will help your child to learn new skills quickly.

Asked about when he begins agukatchild to respond, you can - in the period from 2 to 4 months. At about 6 months of sounds spoken to them, they will become more complicated and turn into syllables. And each of these steps in the development of the baby is interesting in its own way.

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