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WHEN the toddlers start


When babies begin to grow</a>

Each stage in the development of the child is interesting and important in its own way.

Parents who spend time with the baby, creating favorable conditions for development, help him to adapt faster in the world.

The first month of a baby's life is the time thatFor young parents is almost imperceptible. A lot of new caring for child care absorbs most of the time. But now the second month has gone - and now the kid requires not only timely procedures for nursing and feeding, but also actively develops. Among the achievements of the crumbs can be a smile, the ability to hold the head (although for a few seconds), and how happy and proud parents are when their child begins to agukat!

The baby begins to "talk"

Beginning to make the first sounds, the child triesAttract the attention of parents, moves their hands and feet, and smiles. Many of the modern parents are trying to carefully monitor the fact that all stages of the development of the baby were on time. This is a very good sign when mental and emotional development corresponds to the age norms. And if the baby is a bit late, attentive parents can help in a timely manner.
If you try to describe the agukanie of a baby, thisLooks like this: a variety of "o", "y", "a" and a combination of these sounds, pronounced something long, then abruptly, then gently, while the baby alternates sounds, tries different options. Then such sounds will form in syllables and in whole words.
Needs for babies are minimal. If the child is full, dry and sleepy, he does not have any pain, he will be active and friendly, willing to talk. At such moments, monologues begin. If at this time to try to "talk" with the child, making similar sounds, in most cases he begins to listen, and the response vocalizations can become more complicated - this stimulates the development of the speech apparatus quite well.

Parents usually try to make sure thatThe child developed in accordance with generally accepted norms. Some try to slightly spur particular moments and devote a lot of time to studying with the baby.

How can parents stimulate the desire to communicate with the baby?

Attentive parents can and should createConditions for communication to the child - in time meeting his needs, stimulating a good mood. As a response, the first agukanie appears, which is very important to encourage: to pronounce sounds after the child, as well as syllables, simple words, to encourage the baby to "answer."
You can try such an exercise asPronunciation of words, sounds with increased articulation. After a while, the kid tries to focus on these sounds, listen, and then imitate.

Carrying out small exercises will help your child to quickly learn a new skill.

On the question of when it starts to agukatChild, you can answer this way - in the period from 2 to 4 months. Approximately to 6 months the sounds pronounced by him will become more complicated and become syllables. And each of these stages in the development of the baby is interesting in its own way.

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