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WHEN kept pace with strawberries

When he kept pace with strawberries

Time of maturation of this delicious, juicy and aromatic fruit, which is grown in home gardens and farm fields, waiting for both adults and children.

Strawberry Cultivars vary in the duration of ripening and fruiting.

Conventional strawberries ripen once a season, it remontant varieties of fruit several times - from late spring to mid-autumn.

To know the date when ripe strawberries, need to know which climate zone it grows.

It is not a novelty in many parts of steelremontant varieties that bear fruit two or three times during the summer. Blooming they, too, several times, since the beginning of May to October, and fruiting occurs almost constantly, but in waves. The first significant harvest is removed in early June, in the second decade of July it reappears on the branches of a lot of berries, and sometimes another gathering in mid-August. If the weather conditions this year were favorable, it is probable, and the fourth crop, which accounts for mid-October.

Strawberries grown in greenhouse conditions,Of course, it begins to bear fruit sooner than planted in open ground. By hothouse varieties are "was burning" and "Wave". They are grown in greenhouses or closed winter heated rooms. These grades are characterized by high productivity and dense structure berry pulp, due to which they are well tolerated in transportation over long distances. Term of strawberries ripening of these varieties occur in the first half of June. Fruiting can last for almost a month - until mid-July.

The varieties grown in the open field - "Desna""The Little Mermaid", "Pakahontas", "Talisman", "Festival", "Cambridge" in the mid-latitudes begin to bear fruit by the end of June. But even here has its own characteristics. Early varieties: "Olivia", "Clery" will appear in the beds the first in a week it will be possible to begin to collect "Elsantu", "Festival" and "Capital", a week later - "Present", "Gigantellu", "Arosa", the latest ripe "Pegasus", "Chamora", "Tarusa".

For the period of ripening berries influences and choicesland for planting. It should be sunny, not flooded and well fertilized. If you land on it of different varieties ripening, then your harvest you can collect for a month and a half.

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