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WHEN Strawberry ripens


When the strawberry ripens</a>

The time of maturing of this tasty, juicy and fragrant berry, which is grown on private plots and farm fields, awaits both adults and children.

Varieties of strawberries differ in terms of maturation and the duration of fruiting.

The usual strawberry ripens once a season, its repair varieties are fruited several times - from the end of spring to the middle of autumn.

To know the time when the strawberry ripens, it is necessary to know in which climatic zone it grows.

It is no longer a wonder in many sections of steelRemontant varieties that bear fruit two or three times during the summer. They blossom several times, from the beginning of May to October, and fruiting is almost constant, but wave-like. The first conspicuous harvest is taken in early June, many berries appear again on the branches of the second decade of July, and in the middle of August there is another gathering. If the weather conditions in the current year were favorable, then there is a likelihood of obtaining the fourth crop, which falls on mid-October.

Strawberry, grown in greenhouses,Of course, begins to bear fruit earlier than planted in the open ground. Greenhouse varieties include Gorel and Volna. They are grown in closed winter greenhouses or heated rooms. These varieties are characterized by a high yield and a dense structure of the flesh of the berries, due to which they well tolerate transportation over long distances. The maturation period of strawberries of these varieties falls on the first half of June. Fruiting can last almost a month - until the middle of July.

The varieties grown in the open ground are Desna,"Little Mermaid", "Pacachontas", "Talisman", "Festival", "Cambridge" in the middle latitudes begin to bear fruit by the end of June. But here there are special features. Early varieties: "Olivia", "Clery" appear on the beds first, in a week it will be possible to start collecting "Elsanta", "Festival" and "Stolichnaya", a week later - "Present", "Gigantell", "Arozu" "Pegasus", "Chamora", "Tarusa" will mature.

The maturation period of berries is influenced by choiceLand for landing. It should be sunny, not flooded and well fertilized. If you plant on it varieties of different maturation periods, then you can harvest your harvest within a month and a half.

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