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WHEN you can sterilize a dog


When you can sterilize a dog</a>

From the point of view of specialists under sterilizationRefers to the violation of the reproductive function of animals of both sexes without the removal of the reproductive glands, but at the household level the definition of sterilization as the removal of the reproductive system of females was fixed.

To date, this is the safest and most effective method for preventing the appearance of unwanted offspring in dogs.

Why is it necessary to sterilize a dog

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Although this operation still remainsA lot of opponents, sterilized bitches are used all over the world to regulate the number of dogs. Even the most caring and attentive owner can not be 100% sure that his pet during the estrus will not break off the leash and will not go to get acquainted with some males closer.

Distribute a brood of mestizos - it's not an easy thing to do, but to kill helpless newborn puppies - not humanely. Where better not to allow their appearance.

The heat itself is also a bad time for the owner. Twice a year for a month he is forced to buy special clothes for the dog, so that she does not soak up the apartment, while the animal regularly tries to get rid of unnecessary clothes and take care of its hygiene procedures.
Some owners of bitches prefer not toSterilize their animals, and use hormonal drugs to prevent heat. However, such drugs have many side effects. For example, they contribute to the appearance of cysts on the ovaries inflammation of the uterus, after which sterilization becomes urgently needed.

When to sterilize a dog

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Opinions of doctors about what age is betterTo sterilize the dog, diverge. Some veterinarians offer such services from the age of five to six months of age, others recommend planning an operation after the first heat, that is, in eight to ten months. Too early sterilization (up to five months) is not desirable. In puppies, organs grow actively, and removing a part of them can lead to deformation of the remaining ones. Also, you can sterilize an adult dog, but it is not recommended to carry out the operation to bitches aged.

As a rule, sterilization is carried out under general anesthesia, and such loads can cause irreparable damage to the cardiovascular system of the elderly animal.

Planning to record the dog for sterilization,Focus not only on age, but also on the health of the animal. Your dog should be absolutely healthy. When working with young bitches, the veterinarian is usually limited to visual inspection, temperature measurement, listening to the heart rhythm. Animals older than five years take blood and urine tests, make ECG. If you firmly decide to sterilize the dog, do not delay with the operation. The earlier you make it, the faster your pet will recover and again he will begin to live a full life.

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