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When it is possible to sterilize the dog

When it is possible to sterilize the dog

From the standpoint of a sterilizationIt refers to a violation of the reproductive functions of animals of both sexes without removing the reproductive glands, but at the household level was fixed definition of sterilization as the removal of the female reproductive system.

Today it is the most safe and effective method of preventing the appearance of unwanted offspring of a dog.

Why sterilized dog

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Although the remains from the operationmany opponents, sterilization of females is used worldwide to control the number of dogs. Even the most careful and attentive owner can not be a hundred percent sure that his pitomitsy not fall through the leash and did not go in heat to get acquainted with some males closer.

Deal brood mixes - not an easy task, and kill the helpless newborn puppies - not humane. Where better to prevent their occurrence.

Estrus itself - as joyless time to master. Twice a year, for a month, he is forced to buy a special dog clothes, so that she is not blurred apartment, while the animal regularly tries to get rid of her unwanted clothes and do their hygienic procedures.
Some owners prefer to femalessterilize their animals, and to use hormones to prevent estrus. However, these drugs have many side effects. For example, they contribute to the appearance of cysts on the ovaries uterus inflammation, then sterilization becomes urgently necessary.

When sterilized dog

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According to doctors about what age is bestspayed dog diverge. Some veterinarians offer such services already with five-six dogs age, others recommend a plan for the operation after the first heat, that is, at eight to ten months. Too early sterilization (five months) is not desirable. Puppies bodies are actively growing, and removing a portion of them may lead to deformation remaining. You can also sterilize the adult dog, but surgery is not recommended for bitches aged.

Typically, sterilization is carried out under general anesthesia, and these loads can have irreparable harm to the cardiovascular system of the elderly animal.

Planning to record the dog sterilization,guided not only on age, but also on the health of the animal. Your dog should be completely healthy. When working with young bitches veterinarian, is generally limited to visual inspection, measurement of temperature, listening to the heart rhythm. Animals older than five years, taking blood and urine tests, ECG do. If you are resolutely determined to sterilize a dog, do not tighten the operation. The sooner you do it, the faster your favorite recover and heal full life again.

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