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When it's civil capacity

When is civil capacity

Civil legal capacity begins at the moment of reaching the citizen majority.

However, the current legislation provides for individual cases the onset of full legal capacity before the age of eighteen, subject to certain conditions.

The age of full civilcapacity established by Article 21 of the Civil Code. In accordance with this standard full capacity every citizen gets after reaching the age of eighteen years, that is, the age of majority. Only then a person can fully perform many transactions execute certain rights to take responsibilities. Civil legal capacity of minors is limited, and its specific limits are set depending on the age of the norms of legislation. There are also cases of the acquisition of legal capacity before reaching the age of eighteen.

The acquisition of legal capacity through marriage

If the law permits marriagebefore reaching a person eighteen years of age, then the realization of the right citizen acquires full legal capacity. The law expressly stipulates that the subsequent dissolution of such a marriage if not collected person eighteen years of age does not lead to the restriction of legal capacity, that is, the person is capable. But to limit the capacity may cause the recognition of the marriage invalid in court, which is at the discretion of the court, which must point to a relevant circumstance in the decision.

The offensive capacity when emancipation

Another special case of the onset of the civilcapacity before reaching eighteen years of age provided for in Article 27 of the Civil Code. This article reveals the concept of emancipation, which implies classified persons working under an employment contract, engaged in entrepreneurial activity, whose age is not less than sixteen years old, is fully capable. Said ad carried guardianship authorities, guardianship, who previously must obtain the consent of the legal representatives of the minor. If the parents, other legal representatives of such a consent is not granted, the recognition of legal capacity can be emancipated only by court order. Emancipation is of great practical importance, since from the time of its implementation minor is solely responsible for its own commitments on his parents' responsibility to lay anymore.

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