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When is the best sunbathing

When to sunbathe

Ultraviolet rays, if used wisely, can bring great benefits to man.

They have the ability to destroy microorganisms, change the chemical composition of cells in the body.

The beneficial effects of sunbathingIt manifested in the fact that a person strengthens the immune system and reduces susceptibility to colds and allergic diseases. It becomes easier to resist all sorts of infections. Faster and easier to place the processes of cleansing the skin, getting rid of excess weight.

With the right approach to the sunburn, the skin becomessmooth, supple, healthy appearance and acquires a beautiful color. To achieve this result, without causing harm to the body, it is quite possible. To do this, follow the simple, but very important recommendations made by physiologists, cosmetologists and other professionals.

Recommendations made

About the fact the best time to sunbathe, doctors give these tips:

1.; start exposure to the sun with a small amount of time, such as five minutes, gradually increasing the length of time in the open space.
2; Do not expose yourself to direct sunlight for more than two hours a day.
3; sunbathing in two stages: in the period from nine to eleven and sixteen to nineteen hours.

Those who wish to acquire a bronze tintskin care issue as well tan. The traditional place sunbathing beach is located on the bank of the river, lake or sea. Water has the property to enhance the action of ultraviolet rays, so the tan in such places can be very fast. In addition, high humidity protects the skin against the appearance of dryness.

A good tan is possible not only in clear weather,when the sun, "blind" eye, but also in times of clouds. Clouds can almost miss the so-called diffuse radiation. For people with impaired health, this method of tanning is the most appropriate and useful.

When choosing a place where to sunbathe, be sure toWe must take into account the intensity of solar radiation. Countries attractive for a summer holiday, located close to the equator, where UV rays are very strong in their effects on the human body.

Protection during Sun

Opening the skin towards the sun, it is necessarytake care of the protection of persons, and especially - the eye - from their direct impact. This will help prevent vision loss, as well as the appearance of extra wrinkles around the eyes.

Reliable human means of protection against heat and sunstroke are appropriate hats, tents or large umbrellas.

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