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When is St. Patrick's Day

St. Patrick's Day is celebrated worldwide with parades

Every year on March 17 the Irish celebrate St. Patrick's Day. At first it was a religious festival dedicated to the patron saint of Ireland.

Over time, it turned into an international festival dedicated to Irish culture, followed by parades, dances, special meals and lots of green.

As the holiday has become popular

Worldwide distribution of the holiday receivedthanks to the Americans of Irish descent. In the US, it was first noted at banquets in the elite clubs of Boston, Philadelphia, New York, Charleston, South Carolina and Savannah in Georgia.
The first parade in honor of St. Patrick's Day was held in New York in 1762, and by the mid-19th century parades in vogue.

Why the holiday is celebrated on March 17

It is believed that Saint Patrick preachedChristian doctrine, died on this day in the fifth century BC The exact date of his death is unknown. According to various sources, he died in 461 or 493 year. The remains of the saint are in Down Cathedral in Downpatrick Irish city, in County Down. Saint Patrick - one of the three patrons of Ireland.

Where to celebrate St. Patrick's Day

The tradition of celebrating St. Patrick's Day wasbrought to Canada by Irish immigrants. In Northern Ireland this day bank holiday coming, that is, banks are closed on this day, and most people are not working. In Ireland, St. Patrick's Day - an official holiday. In the UK, the USA, Australia, Canada and New Zealand holiday is celebrated, but it is not official.
Celebration is an official holiday in theCanadian provinces of Newfoundland and Labrador. This Monday, the next on the calendar to 17 March. On this day, there are closed government offices, but the post office, shops, many schools, businesses do not rest, and transport circulates in normal days.
In Canada, the St. Patrick's Day is celebrated notbe sure to March 17, and Sunday closest to that day. In large cities such as Toronto and Montreal, the major parades are held. In this regard, some major roads may be closed.
The parade in Montreal, held every year since1824. But the first recorded case of St. Patrick's Day celebration was in 1759. Then the Irish soldiers serving in the British Army, founded a colony in North America. The colony was called New France, and immediately after the conquest of the Irish staged celebration. In some parts of Canada arranged a three-day festival dedicated to the celebration of St. Patrick's Day and Irish culture. He held the same week as the holiday itself.
In Ireland, a long time St. Patrick's DayHe remained a minor religious holiday until 1970. The church priest mentioned it, and Irish families gala dinner was arranged on this occasion. But that's about it.

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