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When to run

Doctors and fans running constantly argue aboutwhat time is better suited for this kind of training. Some say that the morning jogging charge the body with energy and contributes to more effective weight loss, and others - that evening exercise to strengthen allow sleep.

Running at any time is useful if there are no contraindications, and only need to choose based on their needs and well-being.

The main thing - do not run after a meal, or just before bedtime on an empty stomach.

Morning and evening jogging

Opinions about the benefits and dangers of the morning or eveningjogging set. They say that in the morning the body has not yet woke up, and he has such a burden - a lot of stress. The blood supply is slowed down, as the work of all the organs, which can lead to health problems. After a night in the air over the concentration of harmful substances emitted by plants and factories, so if you're running in the city or its surroundings, it can affect the health. Run on an empty stomach, doctors forbid, then you need to eat before jogging - but in this case will have to start training for at least an hour, but better later. Not everyone is so much time to work. But jogging make even the most inveterate "owls" wake up, tune into the new day, stock up on energy and good mood. Although some jogging fans argue that such a shake-up after sleep only adds irritation and worsen health.
Running at night - a good alternative for those who havelittle time in the morning. After work, there is usually a time to eat, relax, make a run, and there are still two or three hours before bedtime. it is not recommended to go to bed immediately after the workout - the body is excited, sleep just will not work. Someone evening jogging helps relieve stress accumulated during the day, some people like to engage in the evening, because at this time they have to peak performance and energy.
But most doctors agree that the ideal time for a run - the day, from 11 to 12 hours, but few can afford it.

Other recommendations of the running time

Choosing a time to run, consider the schedule of hissupply. Training should be carried out in two, and preferably three hours after a meal. Undigested food in the stomach hinders running, causing pain makes the body heavy and unwieldy. But doctors do not recommend fasting deal with: it is a huge burden on the cardiovascular system and the entire organism. Such exercise really help to lose weight faster, but at the cost of deterioration of his health.
Do not be afraid of winter - run at anythe time of year when the temperature dropped below -15 degrees. The main thing - to dress well. Much more dangerous to run in the heat than in the cold: if you do not wear a hat, not to drink water and to arrange jogging at noon, when the sun is most active, it is possible to make a heat stroke or dehydration.
It is important to understand that everyone is different, everyoneindividual organism and its biorhythms. It is better to listen to yourself and choose the optimum time, than to follow blindly imposed rules. The most important is not the time of training, and their regularity. Far better to run at a more convenient time of the day, but on a regular basis, without making long breaks.

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