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WHEN introduced medal pads

Marshal SL Sokolov, USSR Defense Minister (1984-1987)

Military awards - a symbol of valor, courage and bravery of those who earned them with his military labor. Very impressive look medals on uniforms.

In addition to the awards, there are also sashes that are kind of small-sized strips, covered with cloth.

Such medal pads were introduced in the Soviet army during World War II.

What is the sash block

Service Ribbon (block) isdevice designed to be worn on the uniform sash. The basis of the design the substrate is of rectangular shape, which can be made of metal or thick fabric. The fabric strip is more convenient in the sense that it allows you to choose the color of the product in accordance with the uniform tint.
Metal Service Ribbon attached to theform using a pin, which is located on the reverse side of the fabric. Planck cloth simply sewn to the clothes in the right place, namely, on the left side of the chest.

If the rewards are many enough strips are not alone, and together constitute, by securing a total block.

To separate the tape strip is attached to a strictlya certain order, which is regulated by the relevant authorities documents, such as the Ministry of Defence or the Ministry of Internal Affairs. The higher reward in status, the better it should be located in the block. Each award has its own color ribbon. Do not have an individual medal bars some top awards, such as "Hammer and Sickle" and "Gold Star".

Award strip: the facts of history

Ribbons in the USSR were introduced special decreePresidium of the Supreme Council of the country on June 19, 1943. Each medal or award received a tape with a specific color pattern. By the uniform ribbon fastened by a special rectangular strips. In this embodiment, instead of winning could wear their substitutes, not risking the loss of or damage award or medal.

Regulation is not allowed to wear Service Ribbon with ribbons on the work, field and everyday uniforms.

In February 2013, Sergei Shoigu, Minister of DefenceRussia made a decision, according to which the award in the form of tape blocks required to sew military not only uniform jacket, but also on a shirt or sweater. The feasibility of such a solution is determined by the fact that the modern uniforms different from the one that was used a few decades ago.
Military historian Andrei Zhukov believes that thiskind of wear is not typical for the Russian army. Its often used in southern countries with warmer climates, where the jacket is used very rarely. Innovation, however, does not apply to other law enforcement agencies. The bodies and the armed forces, members of the Interior Ministry subordination system, premium strap is still worn only on the uniform jacket.

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