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WHEN installing interior doors


Installation of the interior door after repair</a>

The interior door is an important element of the interior layout of the living space.

It protects against extraneous sounds and immodest looks, creating in the room a comfortable atmosphere for human life.

Some people are interested in the question of when to install interior doors - at the beginning of the repair or at its completion.
Such doors can be installed in anyseason. However, it is necessary to take into account the peculiarities of the room - the temperature and humidity levels, as well as some other factors. The room should be warm, and the walls and ceiling should not form mold.
Builders advise to installInterior doors in the warm season, as in such a situation it is easier to hide the consequences of the previous repair. But when there is a negative temperature on the street, it is impossible to open the windows and air the room after the work is done properly.

Start of installation

By the time of installation, when it is necessary to performInstallation of the product, all work on the movement and re-planning of large-sized objects must necessarily be completed. The installation of the door structure is complete.

When the products are mounted, the installation qualityIs determined by the correctly exposed gap between the door leaf and the box. Ideally, this gap should be the same size on either side.

When you make a gap between the box andThe design of the door leaf should be carefully treated with the material used in the manufacture of the product. In the case where a pine-colored, unpainted door is mounted, corrections are necessary, taking into account that such doors are capable of swelling from cold or damp.
It is also very important that the installationDoor construction is completed after the adaptation of the product to the humidity level of the room. This will take at least three days. Only then can we talk about the correctness of the installation.

Doors after sex, not vice versa

Some people think that you can install the productBefore the finish of the floor, when the wallpaper is not yet pasted, because only it is required to mount the box, taking into account the thickness of the layer of the intended coating (carpet, linoleum, parquet, massive board or laminate).
However, this is not true, as it is extremely difficult to find a master who can accurately make a cover for a box.

It is rather difficult to accurately calculate the required clearance if the floor covering is not yet laid.

When the floor is slightly deviated from the horizontal,There is a situation in which the box can hang, as if in the air, on the one hand. That is why the doors between the rooms are mounted last during the repair process.

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