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WHEN install interior doors

Installation of interior doors after renovation

Internal door - an important element of the internal arrangement of the living space.

It protects against outside noise and indiscreet looks, creating a comfortable atmosphere in the room to human life.

Some people are interested in the question when installing interior doors - at the beginning of the repair or upon its completion.
Such doors can be mounted at anyseason. However, it should be borne in mind especially the room - temperature and humidity, as well as some other factors. The room should be warm and on the walls and the ceiling should not be formed mold.
Builders are advised to perform the installationinterior doors in the warmer months, as in this situation easier to hide the effects of the past on the eve of repair. But when outside temperature is negative, it is impossible to open the windows and ventilate the room quality after these will not work.

commencement of erection

At the time of installation, when it is necessary to performInstallation of all the work of moving and re-planning of large objects must be completed. Installing door design repair is completed.

When the product is installed, the installation qualitydetermined by the correctness of the gap between the door leaf and frame. Ideally, such a gap must be of the same size on either side.

When the gap between the box andthe design of the door leaf must be attentive to the material that is used in the manufacture of products. In the case where the door is mounted unpainted pine, necessarily required amendment, considering that these doors can swell from cold or damp.
A very important point, and considered that the installation ofDoor construction is completed after the adaptation of products to the level of room humidity. This would require at least three days. Only after that we can talk about proper installation.

Doors after sex, and not vice versa

Some people think that you can install the productbefore finishing the floor, even when not glued wallpaper, since only need to mount the box with the light of the expected layer thickness of the coating (carpet, linoleum, parquet, solid wood or laminate).
However, this is not true, because to find the wizard, capable of accurately make coverage under the box, it is extremely difficult.

Suffice it difficult to accurately calculate the required clearance, if the floor is not even paved.

When the floor slightly inclined from the horizontal,a situation in which the box can hang in the air, as it were, on the one hand. That is why the door between the rooms is mounted last in the process of repair.

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