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WHEN give the baby vegetable and fruit puree

When giving your child fruit and vegetable puree

Since the beginning of feeding the parents a lot of questions there on what to feed your baby and at what age.

Sometimes moms and dads are skeptical when giving your child puree of vegetables and fruits.

The first solid foods when to give the baby vegetable puree

Just a few decades ago, the firstLure, which is recommended to start with pediatricians were not vegetables. Familiarity with new flavors started with juices, which gave almost at the end of the first month of life. Today, the doctors point of view has changed, and it is believed that breast milk or adapted formulas to fully provide all the needs of the baby of the body that allows him not to overload the digestive system of concentrated juices. Because now the lure begins with fruits, vegetables or cereals.
Vegetable lure recommend that those children who do not haveproblems with weight gain, since the lack of it in the first menu added cereal. Puree vegetables should be given not earlier than the child is 4 months old and for babies who are breastfed, this term can be safely pushed and up to six months. First choose the least allergenic vegetables, to what are the zucchini and broccoli or cauliflower.

Do not take all the recommendations on commissioningthose or other vegetables just as the best baby needs can only know his mother and doctor, whose opinion on complementary feeding based on knowledge of the health.

When giving your child fruit puree

In principle, you can start solid foods and fruits. For this great apples and pears. But the difficulty lies in the fact that after the sweetness of the fruit, not all children are happy to eat neutral zucchini or cabbage. Regarding the timing of love fruit, they are similar to those that are reserved for vegetables, that is, before the child reaches 4 months, you can not rush. And, unlike vegetables, fruits are a much smaller amount, because much more convenient to give them not in pure form, but as a supplement to other dishes, first to the porridge, and then to the cottage cheese.

For allergenic fruits such as citrus or red fruit set even later timing of the introduction in the diet and up to six months should not hurry with them, even if the child is not prone to allergies.

Store or homemade mashed potatoes: advantages and disadvantages

Many people believe that by their quality puree,cooked hands loving mom, can not be compared with the store, because no one knows what really lies in jars and observed how all the technologies. But it is not so. Baby food production is tightly controlled, and if we compare it with the house, the latter can lead only if made from fruit grown on their own garden and prepared for the season of their growth. In winter, even their own apples to lose most of their properties, because the advantage is on the side of the factory production.

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