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WHEN dream prophetic dreams

The probability of prophetic dreams are not proved.

Dreams - is the eternal "food" for discussion,reflection and detailed study. Scientists from different countries are struggling with this phenomenon, but so far this is one of the least studied areas of human life.

Separately, you can select such a phenomenon as "prophetic dreams", and find out what they are and when they are removed.

What prophetic dream

A person dreams, he gravely ill. Waking up, he realizes that he is completely healthy, that all of this - a dream. He calms down and forgets what he had seen the day before. A few days later the man begins to awake to experience discomfort and other symptoms of a disease.

Until it is proven nothing, the official science,of course, denies any possibility of predicting the future. This also applies to dreams. However, some scientists, faced with prophetic dreams, recognize their credibility.

This example clearly demonstratesHe explains such a thing as "a prophetic dream." In other words, the dreamer a few days ago saw a real warning about specific upcoming events, which, unfortunately, proved negative.

When the dream of prophetic dreams

According to some experts in the fielddreams, prophetic dreams really are taking place in the lives of the ordinary average person. Curiously, the nature of their origin has not yet been established. The unknown is the fact that it is possible to see the prophetic dreams.

Scientists are trying to explain the "prophetic dreams" the high sensitivity of the human brain. The fact that the "gray matter" during sleep is never turned off completely. The brain continues to work.

Scientists have conducted several studies and proved thatadverse events (disease, murder, car accidents) dreamer predicted more often than positive ones (weddings, finance, child birth). Experts even reached the proportion of 80% to 20%.
In general, the researchers say, the subconsciousman focuses and analyzes the information received per day. When a person after a hard and busy day falls to rest, then dreams, configuring, turn in prophetic. Often, they are very similar to dreams that reflect the real desires of the dreamer and the dream.
To find out when the dream of prophetic dreams, you mustuse the appropriate method. Ways to identify them today quite a lot: using solar or lunar calendar, day of week, the Zodiac, etc.

To correctly interpret prophetic dreams at special dream books, you need to remember upon awakening all the details of what he saw the picture. It is necessary for the correct interpretation of the dream.

In addition, much attention is paid to the influence ofMoon on the human energy field. It is believed that prophetic dreams periods can be identified by its phases. However, all that being said, "pitchfork was written on water." No one has yet been able to prove the effectiveness and validity of these methods. Nevertheless, many people believe that dreams on Thursday - come true.

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