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WHEN do botox injections


When to do Botox injections</a>

Every day, a person commits more than 15,000 facial movements of his face, as a result of which, by the age of 30, visible wrinkles appear between the eyes and on his forehead.

Cosmetics do not disguise them, but for plasticity it's too early, so Botox continues to be a popular means of getting rid of facial wrinkles.

So when is it appropriate to start using it?

Age and Botox

Botox is a drug of weakened andPurified botulinum neurotoxin. When injected into the skin, it temporarily paralyzes the muscles, which limits facial expressions and, as a consequence, the appearance of wrinkles. Cosmeticians have started using botox since the early 80's - the drug with the same name is produced by Americans, whereas the similar "Disport" is a product of French manufacturers. Use Botox to eliminate wrinkles is recommended not earlier than with 30 years, but after 60 it should be used with great care, initially eliminating excess saggy skin.

Age restrictions for the use of Botox do not exist (within reason), because it is used not only in cosmetology, but also in medicine.

Botox helps not only to smooth out wellWrinkles, but also to improve health - with its help people get rid of constant headaches and excessive sweating, in addition, this drug is used in ophthalmology and proctology. Modern doctors treat Botox with cerebral palsy, strabismus and many other diseases. Enter botulotoxin should only a graduate, who has repeatedly conducted such a procedure.

The procedure and effect: how to do it and what result can be obtained

Botox injections are performed in outpatientConditions. With a significant amount of work on the skin beforehand, apply special labels, which then will chop Botox. After it is inserted into the forehead zone, the patient may experience mild headache for some time. In this case, the forehead is contraindicated.

Among the restrictions on Botox injections are herpetic or pustular rashes, aspirin and tetracycline medicines, as well as menstruation.

The rejuvenating effect of Botox depends onIndividual characteristics of the body and persists for nine months. In the future, the result should be maintained by repeating the injection, since the mobility of the muscles is partially restored after four months, the full recovery occurs in five to eight months. A persistent and long-lasting effect of Botox is achieved after a two- or three-fold administration of the drug throughout the year. Addiction of muscles to the effect of botulinum toxin was not recorded, indicating that there is no need to increase the dose of the drug. The maximum rejuvenating effect of injections gives a combination of Botox with cosmetology programs.

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