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WHEN do Botox injections

When doing Botox injections

Every day a person commits more than 15,000 mimic facial movements, which has already caused by 30 years between eye and forehead wrinkles appear visible.

Cosmetics have their disguise, and for plastics is still too early, so popular means of getting rid of facial wrinkles Botox remains.

So when it is advisable to start using it?

Age and Botox

Botox is a drug and weakenedpurified botulinum neurotoxin. When injected into the skin temporarily paralyze muscles that limits facial expressions and, consequently, the appearance of wrinkles. Beauticians began to use Botox since the beginning of the 80s - the preparation of the same name produced the Americans, while the same "Dysport" - a product of the French manufacturers. Use Botox to remove wrinkles is recommended not earlier than 30 years, but after 60 it should be used with great caution, initially removing excess sagging skin.

Age limit for use exists Botox (within reason), since it is used not only in cosmetics but also in medicine.

Botox not only helps smooth out wellwrinkles, but also to improve their health - with its help people get rid of constant headaches and excessive sweating, in addition, the drug is used in ophthalmology and proctology. Modern doctors treat Botox cerebral palsy, strabismus, and many other diseases. Enter botulinum toxin should only graduate who has repeatedly carried out such a procedure.

Procedure and effect: how to do it and what results can be obtained

Botox injections are performed on an outpatientconditions. With a significant amount of work on the skin pre-coated with a special mark, to which then will prick Botox. After its introduction in the forehead area of ​​the patient may experience some time light headache. Massaging the forehead with contraindicated.

Among the restrictions on Botox injections - herpetic or pustular rash, aspirin and tetracycline medications and menstruation.

The rejuvenating effect of Botox depends onthe individual characteristics of the body and stored for nine months. In further support should result by repeating the injection, since the mobility of muscles partially restored within four months, the recovery is complete in five to eight months. Resistant and long-lasting effect of Botox is achieved after two or three times of administration for a year. Addiction muscles to the effects of botulinum toxin has not been recorded, indicating that there was no need to increase the dose of the drug. The maximum anti-aging effect of the injections given by a combination of Botox with beauty programs.

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