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WHEN clean carrots from the garden

When clean the carrots from the garden

Some gardeners believe that carrots can be removed from thethe beds of the deposit at any time up until the middle of October, others are of the opinion that the data cleaning root crops should take place on certain dates.

Opinions differ.

On vopos about how and when to clean carrots withthe beds can not be answered unequivocally. Each summer visitor decides for himself when he is dalat. However, it should be noted that the collection of data of root crops affected by the following factors:

- The purpose vyraschivaniya-


- Temperature conditions-

- The state of the plant.

Knowing the carrot variety, growing in your area, and analyzed other factors, it is possible to calculate the optimal time for harvest.

Dates harvesting carrots

When clean late-carrots

Late-carrots you need to dig upstart sustainable autumn frosts, but not later than the end of September. The fact that the root of the class cease to grow at temperatures below five degrees, and if it enters the freezing temperatures will store such carrots impossible as roots, likely to rot. It is worth noting that this is too early to clean carrots undesirable because sudden temperature changes (warm earth - cold basement) is not the best way impact on its long-term storage.

When the clean up is middle Carrots

As of mid-ripening carrotrange from 80 to 110 days, the timing of harvest is necessary to calculate their own (since the time of landing at all different). Very often, this sort of carrot leaves turn yellow and the phenomenon - the first sign of the maturation of root crops. If at least a quarter of the beds there was a yellowish color, then you can begin harvesting. It is important to bear in mind that the carrot of the class can not overdo in the earth, because its taste qualities vary, roots become less juicy.

When the early-maturing carrots to clean

Carrots with early ripening period is of particular sweetness and richness, it can dig up in the middle of summer. The optimal time of harvest - after 50-60 days after germination of seedlings.

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