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When Cheburashka birthday

When Cheburashka birthday

Many familiar since childhood and love cartoon about a cute little animals Cheburushku and his friends, led by a crocodile Gena.

On adventures cartoon character grew millions of children, but few people know that Cheburashka ... 45 years.

The official birthday of Cheburashka acceptedconsidered August 20, 1969: it was in this year's writer Eduard Uspensky presented their works about the adventures of an unprecedented animal in the cartoon genre. However, according to the literature Assumption created his character back in 1966, but the popularity of Cheburashka acquired only with access to the cartoon screen.

unprecedented animal

Externally is a fluffy Cheburashkabrown animal with big ears, expressive eyes. Rostikov doll cheated, and therefore on the screen and in the book Cheburashka so small that it easily fits in a box from under the cake.
It is believed that the artist Leonid Shvartsessubstantially reworked image of Cheburashka, because originally he planned to portray him with a tail, but after much thought and removed the tail painted big kind eyes.

The name of an unknown animal was very simple, he always fell and did not sit on the ground, and then the store manager called him Cheburashka, because he cheburahalsya, that is falling.

Eduard Uspensky been thinking how to describethe origin of his little hero, and then, as they say, he remembered a life event. One day on the set in the port of Odessa, he found a box of bananas, showing curiosity, opened it, and found among exotic fruit chameleon. Based on his recollection, Edward decided that Cheburashka will it out of the box, which will be full of oranges. So there was a story about a creature from the tropics, which accidentally fell asleep in a box of fruit and found himself in a big city.

Birthday to help orphans

Eduard Uspensky very proud of hisliterary masterpiece, because this cute character became truly alive for him, and like all living things, Cheburashka is his birthday. As I mentioned earlier this day officially August 20, 1969, but over the years his birthday has become associated Cheburashka another date - the day of the charity event for orphans.

The organizers want to draw attention to the acute social problems and to support young children, surround them with love, care and warmth inherent in all children's cartoon featuring Cheburashka.

Since early 2003, is held annuallyAll-Russian campaign called "Birthday of Cheburashka". The action starts traditionally in August. Not surprisingly, the children's marathon was such a name, because the orphans do not have parents, like Cheburashka in the cartoon, which was found by chance and ended up all alone, until he met with his friends and found his house.

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