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WHEN caught pike

When caught pike

Pike - freshwater predatory fish. Sometimes it grows to an enormous size and catch a dream of many fishermen.

Toothy spotted big fish will be a worthy trophy, if you know, when caught pike.

Pike caught almost all year round, except fordeep winter, when the frost binds thick ice water. But in the spring, in March-April, you only receive the first portions of the open water, the pike becomes active and takes longer spinning. But such fishing is dangerous, because in some places the ice is already thin and can break off. And if you use a rubber inflatable boat, the sharp edges of the ice it can be cut, which is also dangerous for life. Therefore, if you can not catch a pike from the shore, it is better to wait until the ice is completely melted.

Next Jordania pike begins a week or twoafter spawning. Specify the exact dates of this period is difficult, because in different regions, they can be very different. After spawning, the pike and the rest for nothing takes, but then she grabs everything. This is the time when any pike caught on bait while it zhor continues throughout the day. But it's worth noting that it is better to fish in cloudy but warm days and near the spawning grounds.

Then the biggest pike caught slightly, rarelyget good copy, usually grab the bait travyanki small, up to 1 kg. All summer alternating periods of active fish with days of complete calm. It is difficult to guess what time the pike will be caught, but noted that before the storm, already at the first thunder, it is more active. Also, in the morning and evening.

But in the autumn holiday starts for the fisherman -zhiruet pike, it accumulates nutrients in the winter and becomes very active. It caught on spinning and float rod with live bait on them. Also works well zherlitsy set for the night near the bushes on the bank. During this period you can catch pike and mugs. From bait it is better to use bait, as much as possible like a real fish than a metal spinner. Pike caught up cooling when the fish goes into the depths.

In winter, too, can catch up to January inclusive. For this purpose, the winter zherlitsy pike. Still, spring is the best fishing.

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