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WHEN can I start to bathe after chicken pox?


When can I start to bathe after chickenpox?</a>

The history of chickenpox counts more than one century.

Since the end of the XVIII century, it began to be defined as an independent disease. However, she was known before.

Despite this, the varicella zoster virus was isolatedOnly in 1940. The study of the virus continues to this day - vaccines are invented, preparations are being improved, with the help of which it is possible to combat rashes.

Windmill itself is highly contagiousInfectious disease of the viral nature. It is the high degree of its infectiousness that is the main reason that the treatment of chickenpox should take place at home. You can not walk, go out to shops, etc. Often in connection with chickenpox, the question arises: can I wash during this disease and when can I start taking a bath after stopping the appearance of new vesicles on the skin. After all, keep the old on the skin of both the child and the adult can long enough.

Can I wash myself while chickenpox

Many doctors say that washing duringChickenpox can not be. This leads to a greater spread of rashes on the body. Therefore, it is believed that taking a bath or a shower during an active course of chicken pox leads to a prolonged illness.

Such a theory has nothing to do withReality. After all, the vesicles are formed because of the presence of the virus in the blood, rather than the skin disease. Only poor hygiene can lead to a worsening of the situation.

But today more and more often physicians begin to say thatDuring the chickenpox it is not only possible to swim, but it is also necessary. Indeed, against the background of skin and itching of the blisters, as well as their spontaneous dissection, you can get quite serious skin problems. The only thing to remember is that a number of rules should be followed so as not to harm the body.
So, do not take a bath or a shower while there is a fever.

You can not wash yourself and in that situation, if the temperature has returned to normal, but the patient has a chill.

The same washing with chickenpox helps to reduceItching of the skin, soothing of the skin, etc. And if the patient's condition normalized - the temperature dropped, there is no chill - you can wash yourself at least several times a day. Just remember that to wash you need to use warm water, but not hot. You can wash yourself under the shower or in the bathroom.

What to add to water when washing

To wash was most useful, it is worthAdd to the water broths of herbs that have anti-inflammatory, disinfectant and dissolving properties. For example, a decoction of celandine, calendula, chamomile, oak bark, etc., helps to improve the skin health. It is enough to add a herbal decoction to the bath so that it becomes as useful as possible.
Baths with herbs accelerate the drying of the rash, removeItching, reduce skin irritation. It is proved that with the disease of chickenpox it is most difficult to cope with the itch, which causes the blisters on the skin. Combing them is absolutely impossible - after all, there is a great risk of getting a selected wound, which leaves traces on the skin for life.
Alternatively, manganese can be added to the bath. It is known for its disinfecting properties.

What to consider when washing during chickenpox

During chickenpox, you can not wash with soap. And this restriction applies to both solid and liquid agents. Also, do not rub the skin with a washcloth and other means such as brushes, etc.
Experts recommend using neutral shower gels, which should be applied to the skin on the skin and rubed gently on the skin, trying not to break the integrity of the bubbles.
And still need to wipe properly after the bathroom. Do not rub the body with a towel - great risk of damaging the bubbles, which is not very good and can lead to infection of the skin with an infection. Just gently pat the body with a clean, soft towel. Alternatively, it is possible to leave moisture on the skin to dry naturally.

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