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When can I take a statement from the police

Statement to the police

Pick up from the police a statement about the offense can not be, but in some cases the applicant has a chance to stop a criminal case in connection with the reconciliation of the parties.

Apply to the police, any citizen can,the victim of the wrongful act. However, it also happens that in the changed circumstances is necessary to perform the opposite effect - to take a statement.

Is there such a thing as a "pick up" statement?

In criminal proceedings there is no such term as"Give" or "return" statement. After treatment of the victim to the police his statement necessarily recorded in the Book of registering incidents. According to the law the decision on the application shall be made within three days, but in some cases can be extended to 10 and sometimes up to 30 days. After this period, or excite criminal case, or denied in his excitement. There is a third option - a statement to court, when it comes to criminal cases of the private prosecution.
The victim has the right to withdraw your application, regardless of why it was he and why he changed his mind to bring perpetrators to justice.

How to stop the case if take a statement from the police can not be

Termination of criminal case is possible ifIt took the victim reconciliation with the accused and the victim received compensation for the moral and material damage. In this case, the applicant submits an application setting out the new circumstances of the case and a request to stop the prosecution. Most likely it will meet, if the crime was committed a small to moderate, and the defendant has not previously brought to criminal responsibility and fully compensate the damage.

The investigator and the court shall dismiss the case at the request of the victim, if it relates to criminal private prosecution.

There is another way to stopinvestigation, but it is fraught with negative consequences for the applicant. In this case, the victim repeatedly refers to the police with a petition in which the information of the first application called false. Such recognition threatened with criminal prosecution for perjury.
If committed a serious crime, stop initiated a criminal case on the applicant's request is impossible.

The offenses which relate to cases of public prosecution, investigation is mandatory regardless of the written statement of the victim or not.

For such cases does not provide a reconciliation of the parties, therefore, judicial and investigating authorities are entitled to refuse the request of the victim to terminate the investigation.

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