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WHEN birthday party Sergei

Sergei celebrates his name day several times a year!

In the 70s and 80s many boys named Sergei. It was quite a popular name at the time.

In principle, it is understandable: Sergey - a name quite harmonious, in addition, it combines well with many patronymic.

Name day - what is it?

In the infancy of many children committedthe sacrament of baptism. This means that from the moment of baptism, each person has a protector, or guardian angel. The Orthodox Christians is some saint, whose name is, strictly speaking, be named the child.
In principle, it does not matter whether a person observes birthday party or not. Not important, how many times a year he does it. Importantly, do not forget about those days and pray sincerely, honoring the memory of his holy day.

When the birthday party, Sergei?

It's hard to believe, but there are birthday party Sergei61 times a year (according to the Gregorian calendar)! In general, the word "name day" means the date the memory of the saint, after whom, in fact, and was named the child. Traditionally, the name day - the first day of memory of the saint after his birth. For example, Sergei, were born 7 September, will celebrate their name day on 24 September.

On the Day of the Angel decided to give all that binds birthday with God and the Church. This icons, candles, oil lamps, the Bible, different religious literature, etc.

Name Day (or the Day of the Angel) and Sergei celebratedspring, summer and autumn, and winter. All birthday party Sergei can be easily determined by looking in the church calendar. There, these days will be designated as the date of memory of the saints and martyrs named Sergei.

Sergei Name day on the church calendar

Since Angel Day Sergei few dropsonce a year, it is necessary to look into the church calendar and mark for themselves the most memorable days. Here's how to set the date birthday of Sergei this calendar: 15 and 27 January and 2 and 25 April, 1 and 6 June, 11 and 18 July, 25 August, 17 and 24 September, 8, 11, 20 and 23 October, 29 November and 11 of December.

Birthday celebration in Russia

It is interesting that in Russia birthday party does not concedebirthday! Then the angel of the day was celebrated the great circle of loved ones. holiday atmosphere was low-key and soul. Then the question could be about some broad and noisy festivities. After birthday party - it is the day on which the birthday boy turns to his soul, honors his eponymous saint.

In Russia, it was important to put the name of the hero of the occasion a test of the surface of the loaf. It was a kind of symbol of the birthday celebration.

The main difference between the angel on the Day of Russia was, of course, large loaf. Usually it is baked unusual shape - in the form of an elongated rectangle, oval or octagonal.

Angel Day in modern life

Not so long ago infiltrated into the modern name daylife as holiday. However, this celebration has gained the status of a secular event. In general, people think so, not associated with the church and religion. And so the birthday gifts are presented, not adhering to the traditional rules. But one thing you need to know for sure: Any Day gifts Angel should differ modesty and should express respect for the birthday.

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