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When and how Vanga predicted the terrorist attack in America on September 11

When and how Vanga predicted the terrorist attack in America on September 11

The famous clairvoyant from Bulgaria Vanga in his life managed to do a lot of predictions. Some of them were controversial, some - shocking.

But her predictions, many prefer to believe, since a large part of them still come true.

So we can say, for example, with regard to the terrorist attack that occurred in the United States of 11 September 2001.

Vanga was born January 31, 1911 in a smallBulgarian town. Clairvoyance traced her early childhood, but especially evident they have only 12 years old when she got into a strong hurricane. Wang experienced severe nervous shock, she had seriously injured the eye, resulting in a blind girl.

Using his gift Wang learned about the age of thirty, but before that was already fairly well-known as a seer.

Should we believe the predictions of Vanga

As a prophetess Vanga great fameacquired during the Second World War, when it became clear that it is capable of incomprehensible way to locate people who have gone missing. She became famous as an excellent diagnostician, and can determine the date of death, and sometimes gave predictions about events of global significance.
The reliability of its predictions so farshakes researchers. Among them were those that did not come true, but if you do calculations and determine the percentage of the total, it is simply worthless. And when you consider that many of Wang voiced his prophecies sufficiently vague, we can assume that it is false statements transcribed.

Wang predicts whether a terrorist attack in the US

The prediction related to the terrorist attack in America2001, when they were blown up by the famous twin towers, was announced in the following form: "The fear, the fear! American brothers shall fall, pecked iron birds, wolves howl in the bush, and innocent blood will be spilled a river. "
This prediction, made in 1989, Vanga,It sounds rather vague, like many others on world events. But September 11, 2001 after the terrorist attacks from the air in the United States are falling skyscrapers - the World Trade Center buildings. There was a lot of human lives, the event caused a great resonance in the world. These towers are called "brothers" - that is what events are predicting. It is also clear about the "iron bird" - this aircraft.

As for the word "bush" in English this word sounds like "bush". We can assume that the prophecy refers to the time of George Bush.

The relationship to the gift of Vanga is ambiguous: some who believe that it provided only true prophecy, someone doubts. Her gift tried to investigate, determine its nature, and in 1998 all made her prophecies collected in one encyclopedia - she has eleven volumes and is called the "Great Encyclopedia of Vanga". In this encyclopedia there are words about the terrorist act in the United States, and with respect to the death of the submarine "Kursk", about the assassination of Indira Gandhi, and the words of many events for several thousands of years to come.

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