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When and how to better crop berry bushes

When and how best to cut the berry bushes

Some gardeners cut raspberries, gooseberries, currants and other berry bushes only in autumn, and others - in the spring.

Meanwhile, experienced agronomists agree that this can be done both at the beginning and at the end of the summer season.

Rejuvenation pruning berry bushes

Pruning berry bushes in order to anti-agingbetter make it in the spring. Ideal - to catch up to bud. Pruning at this time easier to bear bushes. In addition, you can see in a given period, whether bush bud mite startled. This pest is very fond of berry bushes.

If the kidney is very much widened, swollen andresemble their appearance cabbage - hiding inside the tick, and they do not bloom. In case of partial lesion of the bush will be enough to remove and destroy only the diseased branches, in full - will have to cut all the branches to the ground.

In currants and gooseberries leaves tendIt appears quite early. That's why some gardeners, who come to their country sites only on weekends, do not have time to make a pruning until bud. In this case, pruning should be delayed until the harvest. You can make it and fall.

Sanitary pruning berry bushes

By cutting understand sanitary removalbroken and diseased branches. Such an event is better to make in the fall. Otherwise, the situation can only get worse - diseases and pests will spread. In addition, the fall of the dried and damaged branches is much more noticeable than in the spring. However, some defective threads can be cut regardless of the season.

How to cut the bush

To trim should be used with secateurssharp blades. The first thing you need to remove old branches. As a rule, they are all dark. They should be cut to the ground, leaving no stumps. It is important to thin out the plant so that the sun's rays fall into the crown.

After cutting the ground under the berry bushesshould necessarily proryhlit order. After a sharp warming of the soil moisture is quickly gone, and will replace a similar loosening watering, will affect the growth, allowing the roots to breathe. Meanwhile, it should be remembered that the root system from the berries is at a depth of 20-40 centimeters, so loosen the soil under them must be very carefully.

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