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When and how to celebrate the day of the birth of Moscow

When and how to celebrate the day of the birth of Moscow

The first mention of Moscow recorded in Ipatiev Chronicle.

the base year is considered to be in 1147.

Each year, the capital of our Motherland celebrates its birthday bright and noisy.


The idea to celebrate the birth of the capitalIt appeared in the 19th century. By mutual agreement, Metropolitan Filoreta, historians and literary celebration of the 700th anniversary of Moscow was scheduled for spring 1847. Holiday planning to be divided into three stages: a church festival, academic and popular. Unfortunately, according to the plan drawn up by the anniversary has not happened. Day of December 31, Nicholas I issued a decree on the organization of the national celebrations on January 1st. Later mark the annual day of birth of the city have not been conducted. However, 100 years later, on Stalin's orders, the festival dedicated to the 800th anniversary of Moscow, held on 7 September. In 1986, Yeltsin ordered to celebrate the birthday of the city every year in early autumn. Since 1997, after the anniversary of the 850th anniversary of the capital city's day is held annually on the first Sunday of September.

What to visit

The main celebration is usually held onRed Square. Before the feast was held on Tverskaya Street, but the city government decided to transfer the main celebrations on the main square of the country. Every year there are organized concert halls, theatrical scenes, well-known artists perform, you can hear live music.
On the same day, at the Theater Square allwilling to wait in the open-air theater. Small sketches, improvisation sketches, mime show, well-known productions - all this attracts a lot of viewers of all ages.
Several years in a row for the fans to be aware ofall the latest news hometown organized a meeting with the most popular and leading journalists in Pushkin Square. Anyone can take part in a live discussion of urgent issues.
For young people it becomes a favorite place for celebrations Tushino, there are concerts of popular groups. Lineup changes each year, which allows to attract new audiences to the event.
In large urban parks can be a great City Day with the whole family. Young participants of the festival will undoubtedly would be pleased specially prepared entertainment program for children.
For fans of Russian literature nearmonuments favorite writers and poets organized reading famous works of people. Also, the organizers of discussion about the possibility of reading his own works in public.
The day ends with the birth of the capital late at night fireworks and light show. Admire the stunning spectacle as possible from many points of the city.
The holiday program is changing every year. The organizers are trying to do our best to cater to every resident of the capital. Learn about the activities planned for this year close to the end of the summer in the pages of the Moscow periodical publications, as well as in the vast Internet resources. In 2014, the birthday of the city is scheduled for 6 September.

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