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When the child starts to hold his head

When the child starts to hold his head

The development of the child in the first months of his life - both stage and very interesting, and very responsible.

It was during this period laid the favorable conditions for the baby to grow up healthy and clever.

The ability to raise its head - this is one of the firstsevere stages of baby's development, the first body management skills. Healthy children are trying to raise the head about a month old - but first he was worth enough for only a few seconds. Neck muscles are still very weak, should not be allowed to head wobbled - risk of damage to the cervical vertebrae. But if the child is a month, but he firmly holds the head, it should be sure to see a doctor - is not a sign of early development, is sometimes considered a young, inexperienced parents, and one of the symptoms of increased intracranial pressure.

How to "teach" a child to hold the head

Tots recommended to spread on his tummy,since two weeks, or as soon as the umbilical wound is completely healed. Not very comfortable to lie his nose in the pillow and the baby is trying to turn his head to the side, slightly raises her. In itself, putting some on the stomach is very useful: it will help get rid of gases that can tantalize your baby in the first few weeks, and well trained by back and neck muscles. The better strengthened neck and back, the sooner the baby starts to crawl.
How the child will have to train toconfidently hold the head? If the baby is healthy and developed in accordance with the norm, to master this skill, he will be able to approximately 3 months. As long as the child can not do it well, the one who takes the baby in his arms, should slightly hold him back and neck to prevent injury to the cervical vertebrae.
At the age of 3 months the child is able also brieflyhold his head upright. By 4 months, he does it with confidence. In 5-6 months, babies are able to lift your upper body lying on his stomach with his hands and tucked under him. Of course, all data on age apply only to children who grow and develop without any complications.

To stimulate the child's development, parentsmay prilekat his attention - for example, showing bright or sounding toys, to which the child will pay attention and try to turn his head in their direction

When it is time to see a doctor

How to be when the baby develops from certaindelay and at the age of 3 months can not hold his head? First you need to appeal to a good specialist - a neurologist, pediatrician. If the baby is lying on her stomach, she does not want to move my head, it can mean serious neurological problems, which should be solved with the help of massage and complex drug therapies.
Neurological problems, heavy with pregnancypathology, low muscle tone - any of these circumstances may cause developmental delays. It also happens that a child is rarely laid out on his stomach, and he did not have time to build up the necessary muscles in the neck and shoulders. If you hold your head it can only at an angle, it is necessary to consult a doctor - is likely to be offered a special massage. Sometimes the doctor suggests to use a special pillow for the head position alignment.

Advice for new parents: if you think that the baby behaves like something is wrong, first of all try to calm down. Most likely, the situation is not as bad as you think.

If any observed deviations of the child should immediately see a specialist. The earlier a problem is detected, the easier it is to deal with it without consequences for the health of the baby.

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