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When a child says the first word

When a child says the first word

When the light appears a small miracle that you were looking forward to begin the first and the most interesting moments of his life: first smile, first tooth, first step, first word.

All this is happening gradually, every natural phenomenon allotted time.



Before speaking, the child learns to hear andunderstand speech of others. While in the womb, he already feels gentle speech, gentle stroking. In the first months of life he no longer reacts to the mother's voice and turning the head trying to find her, while emits different sounds. By the nature of these sounds, you can understand the mood of the baby, that he hurts. After 3-4 months when a child dear to him people start something fun to babble. He utters sounds similar to it, but they merge together. At the same time, it is necessary to talk to the child, pronouncing words correctly. It is advisable to fix these words some action or indication of the items to which they relate.


Scientists have isolated a child passive and activelexicon. Words that a child can say aloud, refers to the active, and those who understand - to passive. The vocabulary begins to take shape as early as 8-9 months. By 1 year, the child there is a gap between active and passive vocabularies. He can already say 5-8 words, and must understand more than a hundred. And the first word, which is able to say the baby does not have to be a "mother."


The first words of a child connected with people orthe objects that surround it. Their pronunciation it can facilitate replacing the sounds that are easily pronounced "yum-yum", "bye-bye". Teachers, too, are advised to call the objects in two words: full name and it sounds characterize (cow - "mu", Crow - "car"). In the development of children's speech very helpful poems and tongue twisters.


For 1.5 years the child begins to besimplest phrases. By 3-4 years it is able to verbalize complete sentences. With 1.8 and 2.5 years with a child can already be fully communicate, both with an adult. If this does not happen, you need to seek the assistance of a psychologist and a speech therapist. Specialist first tested passive vocabulary baby. Speaking to a year of life - not a mandatory factor, but to understand what he is told, the child should. Check whether the child is your speech, it is difficult enough to understand, so it has to make a specialist.


Development of children individually and directly related to theattitude to adults it. Do not hesitate to talk with your child, read him books. Learn themselves nursery rhymes and songs. Communication with the child should be lively and interesting. Learn to understand your baby.

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