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WHEN the child speaks the first word


When a child speaks the first word </a>

When a small miracle appears that you were looking forward to, the first and most interesting moments of his life begin: the first smile, the first tooth, the first step, the first word.

All this happens gradually, each time the nature has its own time.



Before speaking, the child learns to hear andUnderstand the speech of others. Being in the womb of the mother, he already feels a tender speech, tender stroking. In the first months of life, he reacts more to the voice of his mother and turns his head trying to find it, while making various sounds. By the nature of these sounds you can understand the mood of the baby that it hurts. After 3-4 months, a child begins to gibber at the appearance of people who are dear to him. He pronounces sounds similar to speech, but they merge together. At the same time, the child should be spoken, correctly pronouncing the words. It is desirable to fix these words with some kind of action or an indication of the objects to which they relate.


Scientists identify the passive and active childlexicon. The words that a child can say aloud are referred to as active, and those that understand - to the passive. Vocabulary begins to form already by 8-9 months. By 1 year the child has a gap between active and passive dictionaries. He can already pronounce 5-8 words, but more than a hundred should understand. And the first word a baby can pronounce is not necessarily "mother".


The child's first words are related to people orObjects that surround it. They can simplify their pronunciation by replacing with sounds that are easily pronounced: "yum-yum", "buy-buy". Teachers are also advised to call the subjects in two words: the full name and sounds of its characterizing (cow - "moo", crow - "car"). The development of children's speech is greatly helped by poetry and tongue twisters.


By the age of 1,5 the child starts to make upThe simplest phrases. By 3-4 years he is able to pronounce full sentences. Since 1.8 and 2.5 years with the child can already fully communicate, as with an adult. If this does not happen, you need to turn to the help of a psychologist and speech therapist. The specialist first checks the passive vocabulary of the baby. Speaking for a year of life is not an obligatory factor, but to understand what exactly they say to him, the child must. To check if the child understands your speech is quite difficult, so a specialist should do it.


The development of children is individually and directly related to theThe attitude of adults towards it. Do not be lazy to talk with your child, read books to him. Learn the children's poems and songs. Communication with the baby should be alive and interesting. Learn to understand your baby.

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