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Carriages for newborns: how best to choose

The carriage for the newborn: what kind is best to choose

With the birth of the baby of his family, there are many pleasant hassle.

After all, the new member of the family so much need!

Clothing, toys, bottles, pacifiers, cribs and, of course, the stroller.

Walking with a baby uncomfortable and young parents (sometimes even before the birth of the baby), think about what kind of stroller to choose.


This is the first thing you look for when choosingstrollers. With a choice of colors is usually no problem. Girls choose red, pink, purple color, burgundy. For boys - blue, blue, purple, gray. If parents basically do not want to know the sex of the unborn child, they choose neutral colors: green, brown, beige.


No less important point when choosing a stroller for a newborn. Most often, moms choose strollers for all occasions. That is usually:

  • type of "winter-summer" (not to buy a separate transport at different times of the year) -
  • with reversible handle (depending on the wind direction turns stroller so that the wind does not blow on the child) -
  • with compact elements to store children's clothes (trunk pockets, bag) -
  • with a bag-carrier for mladentsev-
  • with accessories (mosquito net, cover for legs, a raincoat).

The size

Residents of high-rise buildings prefer smallstrollers with small wheels, because to go out, we have to overcome many obstacles (elevator, stairs without Padus or uncomfortable ramps). Wheelchair must be free to enter the elevator, be easy. Indeed, sometimes mom has to carry it along with a child in their own hands.

Residents of private houses in this area have a wide choice of strollers for children. Can afford more wheelchair with large wheels.


The question of the price rises to their parents and then,when they decide what is best to choose a stroller. Still, the average family budget is not that big. On the kid want to spend a lot to buy the best, but you can not always afford it. Most often, parents are guided by the low-cost model, which then, when the child grows up, it will be possible to sell or give away to relatives.

When choosing a stroller for your child, be guided by their capabilities and preferences to choose the right stroller for a long time will delight you!

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