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What's the most reliable phone

What's the most reliable phone

Choosing a cell phone, most customers do not even think about the degree of its reliability.

People pay attention to the technical specifications and the prestige models.

But, according to statistics, in the first year of operation in warranty are hundreds of thousands of phones.

The most reliable phones from Nokia

The third place in reliability among mobilephones from Nokia has taken the model C2-01. This is a simple and rather low-end phone with Camera 3.2 Megapixel, a memory card slot and 3G module. Of all the doing of him he could not stand the test, only one - a drop onto a hard surface from a height of two meters. But after the fall of the phone he continued to work, but the screen is cracked.

Second place was awarded to the deserved all familiarmodel Nokia 6303i. It is a classic mobile phone, whose body is made of stainless steel, so it is not afraid neither heat nor falls. The only disadvantage of this mobile phone - it's not quite dense water-resistant.

Well, first place went to two devicesNokia's brand. This model, in 2330 and 1616. The tests are passed with identical results. Both phones are budget models, with a minimum of functions. It is worth noting that the cheaper phone from with Nokia, so it is more reliable, at least, it follows from the tests passed.

The most reliable phones from LG and Samsung

Monoblock LG GX200, the results of the passedtest is the most reliable phone among the company's lineup. This unit works with two SIM-cards, its battery lasts for two weeks of use, with an average load performance. Testing the fall, humidity and overheating of the phone broke down, but it is necessary to protect it from power surges.

Touchscreen phone Samsung C3300K ablework for many years. He is not afraid of moisture, shock and dust, shows a remarkable level of acceptance network coverage, even in remote areas, but it is necessary to protect the display glass is susceptible to scratches.

Fared phone Samsung GT-5722. It works with two SIM-cards, and also has a touch screen. But he lost the race reliability, because under his loosely mounted screen gets dust and moisture.

Reliable phones from Alcatel

The most reliable mobile phones fromAlcatel Corporation began two models - the sensory apparatus OT-708 and OT-female telephone 808. Phone OT-708 - almost the most affordable touch phone with a 1.3 Megapixel camera. After many tests, your device is slightly seedy, but the functionality of the device is not lost. But Alcatel OT-808 is better to keep sand and dust, shock and moisture but he was not afraid, though similar to the women's powder compact.

Phone Alcatel OT-606 is equipped with a QWERTY-keyboard and a camera, good withstood the tests with high and low temperatures, but did not pass the test of moisture and dust.

The surest phone

According to all the tests andresearch, the most reliable proved to be one of the leaders among the Apple phone, the iPhone 4. In relation to all other mobile phones, this device has surpassed rivals in virtually all respects. The only weakness of the iPhone - a glossy coating that is easy to scratch, but its functionality is always on top.

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