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What's the big treasure was found in the history of

What is the biggest treasure was found in the history of

The ancient treasure, sunken gold on the ocean floor, hidden in the land of coins and jewelry - all that stirs people's hearts.

we know many cases of detection in the history of mankind is very large and expensive treasure, but the most significant recently occurred - in 2011.

Sri Padmanabhaswamy temple treasure

In the Indian state of Kerala is one of the mostfamous Hindu temple dedicated to the god Vishnu. It tridtsatimetrovoy elegant structure, covered with beautiful carvings, and inside decorated with frescoes. The current church building was built in middle of the XVIII century, one of the Travancore rulers.

Prior to that, in this place for centuries was the abode of Vishnu.

For a long time the existence of the treasure in the cavebuildings do not even know - the discovery was made by accident. The temple was in poor condition, in need of repair, and more quality content, as the inhabitants of the city of Thiruvananthapuram complained to the government. As a result, the sanctuary became state ownership, and began its restoration, in which were found ancient storage rooms, in which no one came more than half a century.
Scientists suggest that the rulers of Travancoremany centuries piled their treasures in the temple storerooms. The hoard included a set of gold and silver jewelry, coins, precious stones, which totaled 6% of the gold fund of India. The treasure is estimated at $ 22 billion, although sometimes say about a considerable sum - 25 billion. This is the most expensive treasure trove in the world.

The most spectacular artifacts found in the pantry, was a statue of Vishnu, cast in gold and decorated with diamonds, an increase of over one meter.

Other major clades

Before the discovery of Sri Padmanabhaswamy temple treasureWe considered the most expensive treasure treasure, sunken centuries ago and found by Odyssey Marine Exploration in 2007. Weight treasures was about 17 tons - mostly coins made of gold about four years ago. Each coin has a value of one thousand dollars, and the entire treasure valued at $ 500 million.
The third-largest occupies the treasure found in the sunken Spanish galleon near Florida in 1622. Its cost is 400 million dollars.
Perhaps the most expensive in the history of the treasure onlyto be found. Many archaeologists and treasure hunters dream to find the treasure of the Knights Templar, some of which may turn out to be the Holy Grail and the treasures of King Solomon, the tomb of Genghis Khan with huge wealth, trapped in ancient Russia, China and India, the treasure pirate nicknamed Blackbeard, and the Ark of the Covenant - that is supposed to it also kept gold.

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