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What's new in the third version of the game Diablo

What's new in the third version of the game Diablo

Computer game Diablo III, made in the genre of Action / RPG, and has become a logical continuation of the Diablo II, was published in the Russian version in early summer 2012.

One of the most anticipated by gamers new products exceeded expectations in the number of new characters and their skills.



The biggest change in Diablo III affectedcharacter classes. If in the previous version of the game you can choose any specific character of the five offered, here the player himself determines which sex, male or female, will be his character. In addition to the already known Barbara and the Sorceress in Diablo came third Monk, Wizard and Demon Hunter. In addition, the new skills acquired and assistants of the protagonists. Now they, too, can change clothes and get strength depending on the class of equipment and amulets. Select the satellite gamers are offered three characters: a Thief (skill of the archer), Enchantress (magical powers) and Templar (master of martial arts).


The plot in the third version features a largenumber of side lines (there are additional quests that are not related to the main course of the game) and twisted mainly on the familiar stories for Diablo II Archangel Tyrael. In addition, each of the main characters has its own legend, which will be told in the course of the game in the dialogues and videos. At the same time the history of women's and men's versions differ, for example, a barbarian man has fought Diablo twenty years ago, and the barbarian woman - new to the battle against the forces of evil.


New Diablo developers have paid greataccount inventory: in the new version, it takes up more space in the trunk of the hero. Artisans, who before could simply repair and (or) to convert weapons and amulets, now have several levels of "pumping" that allows them to offer new versions of the hero of the equipment and the types of gems. In addition to the blacksmith in the game there are a jeweler and mystic: the first can insert gems into gear, and the second - to add objects magical properties.


For those who play on the network, in Diablo IIIavailable auction system. On the levels of minimum and average complexity to acquire equipment and amulets gamers can both for in-game currency and real money by transferring them to a personal gaming purse through PayPal. At the level of the game increased complexity - hardcore, it becomes impossible to replenish their accounts with real money, as in the case of the death of the character all the "burn" purchased items.

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