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What's new in iOS 7.1

What's new in iOS 7.1

The beta version of iOS 7.1 is now available for the Apple-devices users.

However, some people do not rush to upgrade your device without knowing the advantages of the new system.



The calendar.
A nice innovation with regards to the application"Calendar" is the fact that now the individual countries of the world the holidays are automatically driven into the memory of an electronic gadget. It was also realized the possibility of a detailed display of events.


With the advent of CarPlay phone or tablet on iOS 7.1 it was easy to use in the vehicle. IPhone Now you can control using the buttons and levers in the vehicle interior.


Voice aid Siri, implemented in iOS 7.1, I have learned to play more naturally male and female voices in British English, Japanese and Chinese. In addition, in the Siri interface option appeared autographic end the voice prompt when a long press "Home" button.


iTunes Radio.
iTunes Radio app, like many others ina new version of the system, also acquired a few nice changes. These include field, realizing the opportunity to create their own stations, option buying albums with just one touch, as well as subscribe to iTunes Match, which allows listening to the radio without commercials.


iOS 7.1 updates also affected the parameters of universal access, such as:
- Setting the "Reducing the movement", now extending to the animation interface and "weather" type application or "Messages" -
- The "Bold" is now spreading to the calculator and klaviaturu-
- The parameters of the interface buttons.

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