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What is better - a feather or a spring mattress?</a>

A few centuries ago the feather was considered a sign of a luxurious, soft, pleasant bed.

Today, most people use spring mattresses - in fact, they are more durable, healthier and cheaper.

In ancient times, a man had to sleep onHard surfaces - in the Stone Age people made their own bed of animal skins that did not have the comfort. Gradually began to come up with more and more soft and pleasant bedding. But the human anatomy has not changed much since that time, and its spine is not really designed to sleep on a soft surface. Hard, elastic spring mattresses are more useful for health.


Perina is a mattress stuffed with down or feather. Perina is soft, almost airy, creates a feeling of lying in the cloud. Soft "embraces" of the down mattress make many people make a choice in his favor. After all, for a reason for many centuries people slept on comfortable warm beds of feathers and down - featherbeds were inherited and considered a sign of luxury. But if you study this issue more closely, it becomes clear that most of the people did not use featherbeds several centuries ago - peasants, poor people, middle-class families more often slept on firm beds, and downy mattresses were possessed by a notable minority.

To old age, the rich, accustomed to comfort, luxury and featherbeds, suffered from osteochondrosis and other diseases of the spine much more often.

And today, if a person chooses a featherbed, heRejoices only the first time, but gradually not intended for people the pose of sleep will make itself felt by pains in the back and neck, curvature of the spine and other health problems. Short-lived comfort is not worth it to treat such complex diseases until the end of life.
Perina has other significant drawbacks. So, made from a natural feather or down, it causes an allergy in some people, it is especially dangerous to sleep on a featherbed with young children. In feathers, microorganisms and tiny insects are often found, so sleeping on the feather bed is unhygienic. And, finally, the pen is more expensive than a spring mattress, and it is more difficult to find it on sale.

Spring mattress

Spring mattress is a metalSpring spiral design, which is covered with soft material - felt, foam rubber, cotton fiber, sintepon. The usual spring mattress has many advantages over the feather bed - it is elastic, hard, well suited for the patient back, costs inexpensively, hypoallergenic. But it also has a number of drawbacks - such a design with time begins to squeak, swing, metal wire from friction breaks.

If it's a pleasure to sleep on a new spring mattress, then in time it turns into torture.

Much more reliable and more convenient modern mattresses withIndependent spring blocks that are not connected to each other, so do not break. These are good orthopedic products - the surface of the mattress adapts to the human anatomy. They are noiseless, healthy, durable, but are more expensive than conventional spring mattresses.

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