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What is better - or feather spring mattress?

Several centuries ago, a feather was considered a sign of luxury, soft, pleasant bed.

Today, most people use spring mattresses - in fact, they are more durable, healthier and cheaper.

a person had to sleep in the ancient timeshard surface - the stone age people staged a bed made of animal hide, which did not differ comfort. Gradually they began to think more and more soft and pleasant bedding. But human anatomy since then little has changed, and his spine is not really designed for sleeping on a soft surface. Tough, resilient spring mattresses healthier.


Perina - a mattress stuffed with down or feather. Quilt soft, almost airy, it creates a feeling of lying in the cloud. Soft "embrace" downy mattress forcing many people to make a choice in his favor. After all, a reason for many centuries, people sleeping on the comfy warm bed of feathers and down - quilts handed down and were considered a sign of luxury. But if you examine the matter more closely, it becomes clear that most of the people a few centuries ago did not use feather - peasants, poor people, the middle class often slept on hard beds and feather mattresses possess a notable minority.

By the old rich, accustomed to the comfort, luxury and Perino suffered from osteoarthritis and other diseases of the spine more often.

And today, if a person chooses a feather bed, heenjoys only the first time but gradually not intended for people sleeping posture will be felt back pain and neck, spinal and other health problems. Fragility of comfort is not worth it to the end of life to treat such complex diseases.
Perina has other significant disadvantages. So, made of natural feathers or down, it causes allergies in some people, especially dangerous to sleep on a feather bed for small children. The feathers of the factory microorganisms and tiny insects, so sleep on a feather bed unhygienic. Finally, the feather is more expensive compared to a spring mattress, and find it difficult to sell.

Spring mattress

A spring mattress is a metalspring helical structure, which is covered with a soft material - felt, foam, cotton fiber, synthetic padding. Normal spring mattress has a lot of advantages over the quilt - it is resilient, tough, well-suited for a bad back, is inexpensive, hypoallergenic. But it has some disadvantages - so over time, the design starts to creak, sway, metal wire torn from friction.

If a new spring mattress to sleep - it is a pleasure, then eventually it turns into torture.

It is much safer and more comfortable with modern mattressesindependent spring units, which are not connected with each other, so do not break. This is a good orthopedic devices - the surface of the mattress adapts to the human anatomy. They are quiet, good for your health, longevity, but are more expensive than conventional spring mattresses.

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