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As the zodiacal constellation in the sky is the largest


What is the largest zodiacal constellation in the sky</a>

Zodiac includes twelve constellations, each of which has its name and shape resembles a human or animal figure.

These constellations have their own stories, which have reached the present in the form of legends and myths.

The largest zodiacal constellation

The largest zodiacal constellation in the skyIs the Virgo. It was named after Demeter, the ancient Greek goddess of agriculture and fertility, the daughter of Rhea and Kronos, who later gave birth to the goddess Persephone. In the constellation of the Virgin is the brightest spectral double star Spica, which in Latin means "ear".

The zodiacal constellation of the Virgin is between the constellations of Libra and Leo, and in this cluster of stars is the point of the autumnal equinox.

On pictures with a starry nightThe sky in the hands of the Virgin holds exactly the ear, which is located on the place of the star Spica. The second bright star of the Virgo constellation is Vindeamatrix, which in Arabic means "vineyard" or "vinodelatelnitsa". This is due to the fact that when the star begins to ascend, farmers begin to collect grapes and make wine from it. Naked eye in the constellation of the Virgin can see about one hundred and seventy-one stars. In the Christian religion, this constellation is associated with the Mother of Jesus Christ.

The legend of the Virgo constellation

According to the ancient Greek legend, the god ZeusPromised Aida, the ruler of the underworld, his daughter Persephone to wife. When the girl grew up, Hades demanded that Zeus promised - but Zeus could not give Persephone a sinister god, and he stole her, locked in his underground kingdom. Mother Persephone, goddess Demeter, fell into despair and so bitterly mourned her lost daughter that the fertile terrestrial fields turned into scorched barren deserts.

Despite the pleas of people, the inconsolable mother could not stop the flow of her tears, after which the gods were first started to be considered indifferent and cruel beings.

However, Zeus noticed the woes of mortals and realized that theyThreatened with starvation if Persephone was not released from the captivity of Hades. By order of the supreme god, the king of the underworld was forced to return the beautiful goddess, and Persephone was saved, after which she ascended with her mother Demeter to Olympus.
In the future, Zeus decided the fate of his daughter nextWay: two-thirds of the year she had to live with her mother on Olympus or on Earth, and one third of the year belonged to her husband Aida, who could take her underground for this period. Thus, people have laid down the legend that nature blooms when Persephone comes to earth, and fades when it descends to the kingdom of Hades.

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