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WHAT youth debit card

Sberbank Youth Card

Every year Russian and CIS citizens are increasingly used in everyday life bank cards.

Improved methods of credit issuance, have more terminals, ATMs, where you can use a credit card.

Youth debit card

Youth debit card - banking product,created specifically for young cardholders. On this card are credited own money holder. Map is the name embossed (stamped name and surname of the owner), and refers to the international payment system Mastercard and Visa. It can be freely pay for purchases abroad and on foreign websites.

The main difference between a debit card from the credit lies in the fact that debit kept their own money on credit - debt (bank loans).

How to get a youth bank card

To become the owner of the abovebanking product, you must be a young man / woman are strictly between the ages of 14 to 25 years old and be registered at the place of permanent residence. It is worth emphasizing that the presence of Russian citizenship - a strict condition for the youth of credit cards. Citizens of the Republic of Belarus must have registration at the place of stay, officially received the FMS, and meet the age category. The application for release may be left either on the bank's website or come in person to the department.

Currently, the vast majority of theseThe card is issued Sberbank, Rosbank and OTP Bank. mail cards Savings Bank does not send. Therefore, even if the application is left on the site after 5-10 days is necessary to visit the passport office to get it in person.

The advantages of such a card

Its main advantage is lowerthe cost of the complete set of features a full-fledged international cards. As of 2014 the cost of annual maintenance of, for example, the Savings Bank - 150 rubles, mobile banking - 60 rubles per month. For comparison, a similar card issued not reduced "Youth" program, worth 750 rubles a year, mobile banking - 60 rubles per month.

Service type Visa Electron card, whichIt has fewer features and is designed for calculations in the country, will cost 350 rubles, mobile banking - 30 rubles per month. Validity 3 years. Manufacturing of his own design. to an online bank connection is free.

Youth card - the best choice for young people who often use credit cards.

All discounts, bonuses and loyalty programs are alsooperate in full to holders of Youth Card. For active users of bank cards in the age from 14 to 25 years, ceteris paribus obvious advantages and benefits of its receipt, so it's definitely worth to have in your purse.

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