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WHAT you need to know before buying infrared heaters


What you need to know before buying infrared heaters</a>

Every year, traditional heating appliances are increasingly replaced by innovative technologies.

The leader in this field is infrared heaters.

They have great potential for use, many modifications, and most importantly - they are very economical.

Types of infrared heaters

All infrared heaters can be divided intoTwo large groups: equipment operating on electricity (for residential premises) and gas (for non-residential premises). Electric, used in homes and apartments, are divided by the type of heating element: there are ceramic heaters, with TEN, carbon heaters.

Gas is used for heating non-residentialPremises because the gas emits into the air harmful to the body microelements, burning oxygen at the same time. In general, gas infrared heaters are economical, they allow you to serve large rooms at no extra cost - an ideal choice at production facilities.

By type of placement infrared heatersCan be wall, floor and ceiling. The quality of heating for all three types of instruments is high. Wall-mounted appliances have a larger mass compared to other devices, and this is their only difference. Ceiling infrared heaters are additionally equipped with control panels, since they are not directly accessible. Heaters that are designed for the floor, as a rule, have control and fire protection systems.

All heaters are divided into two large groups: industrial (the most powerful) and household (for home and small rooms).

Advantages of infrared heaters

Advantages of infrared heaters in front ofThe other heat devices are that there is heating not of air, but of objects in the room. Oxygen does not burn out, the air does not overdry. And the person himself absorbs directly the thermal energy, because in a room with an IR heater it will be warm and comfortable with a general low temperature in the room.

When choosing an infrared heaterIt is recommended to contact only specialized stores, buying products of proven manufacturers. For all offered goods, sellers must have certificates.

Infrared heaters are environmentally friendly andSafe. Among the advantages is worth noting the effectiveness of appliances - the heat is distributed evenly throughout the heated room, there are not too warm or too cool areas. In large rooms they can be used for local heating of sections of a room, workshop, etc. Heaters of this type are durable, consume little power, are easy to install and maintain. The work is noiseless, you can leave them turned on at night. Agree, weighty arguments to buy an infrared heater.

Holders of premises with high humidityOften complain that it is extremely difficult for them to choose heating systems, because most of them do not tolerate contact with moisture and are unacceptable to the use of fire regulations. Infrared heaters can be installed in bathrooms, saunas and even baths. They moderately dry the air and are not afraid of moisture.

Ceiling models of heaters are greatFor public places and those where the risk of overturning floor structures is high (for example, in apartments with pets). Wall models are available in different sizes, and therefore some of them can be used in offices as an additional source of heat - it is enough to fix the heater to the wall of the table. The device will be invisible, do not spoil the furniture, and thanks to a protective plate made of heat-resistant plastic, the employee will never get burned by the IR heater.

Modifications of devices

Ceramic infrared heaters are characterized by the fact that they warm up longer, but they cool longer - such devices are economical, convenient, durable.

Carbon heaters have the sameCharacteristics as ceramic models, but when buying them, you should pay attention to the thickness of the anodizing of the heating element - it should be at least 15 microns. Otherwise, the carbon heater will not last long, and its efficiency will be low. The body of the carbon heater must be natural color, without staining - the paint is most often applied to rusty surfaces to hide them, and such a device will not last long either.

Infrared heaters with TEN can beDifferent types, depending on the material from which the heater is made. Quartz are convenient in that they start working just after switching on, they heat up the room quickly, consume a little power. However, quartz elements have one drawback - they are short-lived and serve, as a rule, no more than 3 years.

IR-heaters are also called reflectors, their energy is mediated by the surfaces of surrounding bodies, which take radiant energy, heat up and give energy to the thermal environment.

Tetron cartridge type is used today by allMore often, this option is convenient in that it is as reliable and durable as possible, the only nuance is that the heater should have been made of stainless steel rather than plain metal. It is also important to distinguish the cartridge type heater from the two-end heating element - they are similar in appearance, but such a heater is extremely short-lived. The second end of the wire in such a heating element goes behind, along the entire length of the element.

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