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What you need to know about the microwave?

What you need to know about the microwave?

Microwaves most families stillonly used for heating or cooking food with hot melted cheese sandwiches, but possibly even conventional microwave ovens are not limited thereto.

Rumors about the dangers of microwaves, but if you follow some simple tips, the entire film can be reduced to nothing, and enjoy a healthy and high quality food.

Modern microwave stove complements and oftenIt can even replace it. In the microwave should pay attention to those who have a small kitchen to replace the oven. After microwave oven is not only warms and defrosts food products, but also excellent cooks. In the microwave high efficiency: all the energy goes to the cooking rather than heating the air.

Some say the food from the microwaveharmful. It is a myth. Microwaves are the same radio wave as in conventional radio receivers, but other frequencies and higher power. However, the residual radiation in food is not. Scientists say that due to the microwave in the developed countries, has reduced the incidence of stomach cancer, as the technology of cooking is very similar to the most useful way of handling - steam.


The microwave oven can cook main dishes,soups, cereals, desserts and hot appetizers. However, everything depends on the built-in functions and modes. For example, to bake pies, it is better to buy a microwave oven with convection, then the fan will evenly distribute the hot air, helping qualitatively propech dough. However, using some recipes cakes can also be prepared in a conventional mode of the microwaves. Also convection feature will speed up cooking. And for fans of fried foods have an oven with grill.


As the utensils used in the microwavefaience, porcelain, ceramics, special plastic and even paper cups. The main thing that was not on the dishes of silver and gold plating, otherwise it will cause small electric shocks.

helpful hints

  • Make sure that the oven door was clean andsmooth, tightly closed, from time to time pay attention to the condition of the rubber seal on the inside of the door. If contaminated or damaged microwave leakage occurs. An indicator of the leak will be interference, affecting the operation of the radio and mobile phone.
  • Do not block the air vents of the furnace foreign objects. Power cord must not touch the hot surfaces.
  • Do not operate the microwave oven empty, or a device that generates electromagnetic waves fails.
  • If the amount is less than 24 liter microwave on the turntable is not recommended to put the dish, which weighs more than 3.5 kg.
  • If you want to warm up something small (one sandwich, for example), put the camera in a glass of water: excess microwave heating will go to her.

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