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What you need to get the right category E

Training in driving school to a category E

With the introduction of new categories replace the former category E, changed form of training and exams for the right to the appropriate road management.

For E-required package of documents and car driving experience at least a year.

As a rule, category E is opened onlydrivers who are not only professionally drive a car, but also see the point of his life. For driving trucks and heavy-need not only experience required to truly love this technique and a good deal in it.

Issued after the completion of driving school licenseIt lets you control is not all means of transport. All vehicles are categorized according to their weight, size and complexity of management. Accordingly, the driving license is put a mark of how vehicles View has the right to manage the owner of this document.

Changes in legislation relating to road transport management categories

The legislator has decided to amend the law "OnRoad Safety "and 5 November 2013 to take effect changes in the list of categories, which are indicated in the driver's license and give him the right to control this or that technique. In the same period, new categories have been added: C1E and D1E. Now replace the E came other detailing right supersize cars driving.

Requirements for obtaining the E

•; reaching the age of 21 years-
•; experience in the management of motor vehicles for a period of not less than 1 year in the borders of B, C, D-
•; the presence of his car with a complete list of relevant dokumentov-
•; Check on the availability of driving experience on any company or organization for a period of not less than 12 months-

For rights with a mark of BE, CE, DE or D1Edrivers required to complete courses in the selected category. In choosing to be guided not by the cost, but in possession of a training center and the presence of the respective vehicles experienced instructors. For rights at the end of a driving school will need the following documents:

•; ID (passport) -
•; medical certificate (driver's commission) -
•; personal driver card (issued by a driving school) -
•; Check on the availability of driving experience on any company or organization for a period of not less than 12 months-

The theoretical part will not need to pass the exam. Driving surrenders in two stages: first - on the racetrack or specialized closed site, then - on the test route.

How to make E category in the new rights

If the right to drive any vehicle with"Large" trailer and articulated buses, which corresponds to category E, obtained prior to 01/01/12, a new driver's license will be open all other categories with the letter "E". Those who studied the right to control this road after that date, will be open only those categories that occurred exams.

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