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What you need to obtain a new type of passport

What you need to obtain passports new model

For passports of the new samplemust submit to the territorial department of the Federal Migration Service of the Russian Federation passport, application form, previously obtained a passport (if available), a receipt confirming payment of state duty, military card or a certificate from the recruiting office (for 18-27 men), the original pension certificate and employment record (for pensioners).

Requirements to the package of documents for obtainingnew sample passports vary significantly depending on the applicant's age. The documents are always served in the territorial division of the Federal Migration Service of Russia. It is necessary to take into account the need for pre-payment of the state fee, the amount of which may be 1200-2500 rubles. Term of service for issuing passports the new model is one month, during the period starts with the submission to the competent authority of all applicable statutory documents. Requirements for the list of these documents established the Federal Migration Service of the Russian Federation Order of 15.10.2012, № 320.

What documents are required applicants to 18 years

Children under fourteen years of age, children of fourteen toeighteen years of age are required to submit an application for issuance of passports of the new sample, signed by the legal representative of the minor. Also require a passport of the legal representative, confirmation of his authority (birth certificate), a receipt confirming payment of state duty. For minors under the age of 14 years, provided an additional requirement for a regular passport. The fee for children under fourteen years of age is 1,200 rubles for minors 14-18 years - 2500 rubles.

What documents are required adult applicants

Upon reaching the age of 18 the applicant alsoYou have to submit an application form, national passport. This application form is certified by the employer citizen or organization in which he served, trained. Separately, certified information about previous employment referred to in the questionnaire. In addition, the need to submit a receipt for payment of registration fee (2500 rubles), previously designed passport, if any. For men 18-27 years old and are required to provide military identification card with the mark on service or exemption from its passage. Where there is a delay would require a certificate from the recruiting office. Retired additionally submit the originals of certificates of pension, labor books. As a rule, photographing is carried out when applying, so bring your own pre-made pictures are not required.

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