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What you need to do to become a more beautiful voice

What you need to do to become a more beautiful voice

Voice - extremely powerful tool to influence others.

Usually people think that the priority is what they say.

But just as important, how you say it!

Good diction and a pleasant voice will help to easily hold the attention of listeners, and correct intonation convince them of your rightness is better than many of the arguments.

What it is important to work

If you vote for a tool,for example, you work in marketing or often speak in public, it is very important that your voice was compelling. According to studies, a low tone of voice associated with tranquility, impressive and leadership qualities, but the high - with self-doubt and weakness. Besides high tone harder to hear for a long time.
It is very important to have good diction. People need to understand you are not making the effort. If you "swallow" a word or unintelligible talk, even your most revolutionary and stunning ideas will not be perceived by the public properly.
To make your voice more beautiful, ready,it will always have to work on it. In addition, make sure that, as you say in everyday communication. Try to pronounce the words clearly and emphatically. Try to talk a little lower. Communication - the best way to train your voice and hone language skills.

Charging for voice and tongue muscles

Beauty voices not be achieved without the implementationspecial exercises. Daily their execution does not take much of your time. Especially useful to do them in the morning, when the facial muscles still feel "sleepy". What are some exercises that improve diction?
Start with the fact that the lower jaw and the reason her hand. Then make a movement forward and backward. Perform each exercise slowly and smoothly.
Now proceed to the warm-up muscles of the tongue. Smile and mouth slightly open. Move your tongue in different directions. Must move only the language, but not lip or jaw. Also it is impossible to hold his tongue over his lower lip.
In the same position carry out a tongue at the toplip, from one corner of his mouth to the other. Now on the bottom. Do not jerk, keep them level with speed, work only in the language, everything else is still. Now make a full circle. Repeat several times. Then draw exactly the same language on the upper and lower teeth, slowly, as if recounting the language of all the teeth.
Now close your mouth and lick alternately upper and lower teeth, without opening it. Then tighten the language and send it to the left cheek, and then to the right. Repeat with your mouth open.
Starting position is the same. Stick out your tongue, make it wide. Raise the nose, then lower to the chin. Do not narrow it, let it be wide. Work only language. Then, one by one put a tongue on the upper and lower alveoli (tubercles in front teeth).
To improve the tone of voice, do the followingan exercise. Stand up and fold his arms. Now lean forward, making the exhale and uttering a long "o" sounds and "y", and your voice should be the lowest possible.
Also, to improve diction, every day Train recite tongue twisters, they should sound quickly and clearly.

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