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What you need to buy for the birth of baby

What you need to buy for the birth of baby

The appearance of the baby in the house - one of the most joyous events in the life of every family.

To the baby was comfortable, he needs not only to my mother's love and care, but also a lot of necessary things without which you can not do.

Expectant parents will visit more than one baby store to select all the most necessary.



Prepare the room where the baby will live. It is necessary to make a bright and cozy. If necessary, you need to make an easy repair. When the room is ready, we begin to equip it.


The most important piece of furniture for the baby cot will. The cot must be in the same room where the parents are sleeping. For cots need quite a few components.

It is also necessary to buy a mattress, it is desirableorthopedic, which is designed for the little ones. The kid will need linens. The house should be at least two sets of replacement. Cushion the child is not required, but a warm soft blanket even very useful. Newborn crib made canopy cover, but to him, and take another holder.

To soothe the baby, to divert his attention anda lull before bedtime need mobility. Before you buy it, listen to the melody in advance that he would play. The melody should be quiet and pleasant.


To keep children's clothes needspacious locker. Very often the dresser goes directly to the table for swaddling, which is very convenient for parents. If the table is not present, it can be purchased separately for swaddling board. Some parents and did not need it, because they all procedures are carried out on the spacious bed. The room should be a night light with a very soft and dim light, so as not to cut the baby eyes.


Now fill in stuff dresser. Tiny primarily require diapers (preferably greater than 10). In the locker room at the smallest member of the family must have vests, sliders, tank tops, socks, hats, and so easy Each garment must be several copies, because it will have to change often. Will need to wear for the street and walks.


Daily procedures for the baby is swimming. As long as a newborn is too young, he bought a private bath and a slide, which will lay the baby while bathing. there are anatomical bath, in which a slide is already provided.

To control the water temperature,must be water thermometer. For swimming you need to purchase special equipment for the little ones. After water procedures your baby will need a warm towel, preferably with a hood.


Baby will need daily care,eg obrabatyvanii umbilical wound, cleaning the nose and ears, etc. For all the child care procedures need cream, powder, cotton swabs with stop, wet wipes for children, baby oil, peroxide, brilliant green.

To comb the child's hair, which hadare fluff, you need to buy a special soft brush. Also require special scissors nail clippers. Be sure to buy a pacifier, although it may not be necessary in the future, but the case still has to be.


You will need to buy feeding bottles - glass and plastic. For their washing should be a special brush and means for washing children's dishes.

For washing children's clothes need a separate powder, designed specifically for these purposes and the appropriate fabric softener.


Do not forget about the toys. While there may be quite a bit, but they will need - rattle gryzunok, musical toy, etc.

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