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WHAT you need to run


What you need to run</a>

Running is perhaps the most convenient and easily accessible means of developing your body.

Almost everyone can run, in absolutely any conditions and places.



To start running, you need to choose the time,Which you will be regularly free at least 5 days a week. Running should be a system for you. Therefore, choose the time and go out for a jog at this hour.


The next step is equipment. Choose an easy track suit, running shoes or sneakers. Running is necessary only in a comfortable and preferably in tight clothing. Do not take a lot of unnecessary things with you, otherwise they will make it difficult to move. No trivia in the pockets and of course no phones.


At the very jog you need to set the right rhythm for running. Do not rush: you will die out prematurely. It is not necessary and to take a step - then from your running there will be no result.


After classes, be sure to drink more water - this is extremely necessary for your body. Without replenishing the balance of fluid in the body, your body will eventually tire of training more quickly.

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