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WHAT would be if there was no radiation


What would have happened if there had been no radiation</a>

The surrounding world is permeated with a wide variety of radiation.

Most of them are invisible to a person, some of them he can perceive.

Despite the fact that most of the radiation remains human inaccessible, their role in his life can not be overestimated.

The organs of human perception are capable of perceivingOnly a small part of the radiation penetrating the space. Infrared radiation is perceived as heat, and the rays of the visible range of the light spectrum are like the light of a particular color. The presence of ultraviolet radiation a person can determine by the occurrence of sunburn, but can not directly perceive it.

What would have happened if there were no radiations in this world? The answer is simple: there would be no life on Earth, and even it could hardly have appeared. It is the energy of radiation that is the main driving force in nature. The overwhelming part of the energy that provides the whole variety of life and the physical processes taking place on the Earth is provided by the Sun. It is his radiation that warms up the atmosphere and water, thanks to which air masses move, rivers flow, waves form in the seas and oceans.

Oil, coal and gas, still the mainSources of energy for man, could not have appeared, if there were no solar energy in this world. For hundreds of millions of years it was used by plants - they died, forming thick layers of plant deposits, from which coal and oil were formed from time to time. If there were no solar radiation, there would not be only plants on Earth, but in general any kind of life.

Thanks to radiation, a person has the opportunitysee. The eye is able to perceive photons of light in the range from red to violet, each color has its own wavelength of light. The surrounding world is perceived only because the eye catches the light waves reflected from objects. It is enough to close your eyes, deprive yourself of the opportunity to perceive light radiation, in order to understand what it is good to be able to see.

Man has long learned to use differentTypes of radiation. Once he just basked in the sun or by the fire, feeling the heat transferred by the infrared rays. Later, with the development of civilization and the development of science, the possibilities of using radiation greatly expanded. The man mastered electromagnetic radiation, thanks to which appeared radio and television, modern cellular communication. He learned to induce coherent radiation, which led to the emergence of laser technology. X-ray radiation is widely used in medicine and industry, just as an active person uses radiation from radioisotopes - for example, to fight cancerous tumors.

It is possible to draw a well-founded conclusion that the roleRadiation in a person's life is incredibly high. Thanks to them appeared the Earth and the man himself, they are actively used in many spheres of life. At the same time, there is every reason to believe that not all types of radiation are open and studied. It is possible that with their discovery and implementation, the life of humanity will change in the most surprising way.

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