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What will happen if a blood clot detaches

What will happen if a blood clot detaches

Thrombus - a blood clot that forms in a blood vessel or heart cavity.

He is a danger to health, and in some cases for life.

The consequences of the separation of thrombus

Blood clot is a property, but itIt occurs when vascular lesions, thereby preventing severe blood loss. However, for various reasons, it can be folded directly into the blood vessels. In this case, form clots that narrow the lumen of the vessel and create obstacles for the normal outflow of blood. Sometimes these clots dissolve themselves, in other cases, they may come off the wall at any time. A clot of blood, separated from the vessel walls, called "wandering thrombus" or "embolus." If the clot broke, he can get into the blood vessels of the internal organs and disrupt their function. This could end badly.
Occasionally it falls embolus in the lungs and blood vesselsclog them. This condition is called pulmonary embolism. It will be manifested by the sudden appearance of shortness of breath, dizziness, feeling of lack of air, chest pain, hemoptysis, loss of consciousness. If you need these symptoms call "ambulance." If the cluster is large, it can lead to sudden death.

If a clot gets to the brain, a person can happen stroke ending disability.

Prevention education and the separation of blood clots

Thrombus formation occurs during inflammationthe walls of the veins, the disease is called thrombophlebitis. Thrombophlebitis may occur after any injury, undergone surgery, after some infectious diseases, as a complication after rodov.Chasche often it appears in the lower extremities. The reasons for the appearance of blood clots and include increased blood clotting, varicose veins are available. In most cases these patients show signs of venous thrombosis.
For the prevention of blood clots is necessaryfollow the rules of healthy eating, an active lifestyle, maintain normal blood viscosity. It is necessary to follow a diet with limited animal fats. The diet should increase the amount of fruits and vegetables, herbs, fish. It is recommended to use products that reduce blood clotting (beets, cherries, green tea). To maintain normal blood viscosity can be taken "Aspirin" or "Warfarin". To prevent the formation of blood clots, the doctor should appoint anticoagulants - drugs that slow blood clotting. These drugs should be drunk only after consulting a doctor.

For the prevention of blood clots should be at least half an hour each day to devote to physical exercises, or you can just explore on foot.

For the prevention of pulmonary thromboembolismartery surgery is performed, in which the lumen of the inferior vena cava set embolic filters having an hourglass shape or umbrella. This method is fairly safe and reliable, but it can lead to venous ulcers. Blood clots can be removed for this purpose is carried out surgery - thrombectomy.

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