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What words in the Russian language only in the plural

What words in the Russian language only in the plural

Nouns Russian language peculiar to the category of number.

This means that most of them may be designated as one piece, or several, ie be used both in singular and plural.

However, there are nouns, singular do not have.

the number of categories for nouns

Category of the Russian language - one of themorphological features of nouns. As a rule, quantitative nouns that refer to objects that are amenable account, used in the singular and the plural: "forest - the forest."
There are some nouns that denotepaired items and are used mainly in the plural: "socks", "gloves", "gloves", "Sneakers". However, these nouns singular form is also possible, and grammatically correct: "sock", "glove", "mitten", "sneakers".

Such nouns are not related to the noun with no single category of gender tion numbers they present.

Nouns without singular forms

A separate group consists of thosenouns, the use of which in the singular is wrong in terms of the rules of the Russian language. They have only the plural form. There are several categories of such words.
- Nouns denoting paired items: "Pantyhose", "scissors", "sled", "glasses", "gate". They differ from the names of the paired objects above, that the pair of elements in them inseparable, inseparable. So, we can imagine one sock, but a pair of scissors, divided into two halves - it is just a broken scissors, not a "scissors". Such a thing can not function if it is divided.

In colloquial speech can be found expressions such as "Pull right tights", but in terms of grammar so to speak properly.

- Nouns denoting intervaltime, having a certain length of "day", "weekdays", "vacation". This period includes multiple time units, but their combination has a well defined duration.
- Some nouns denotingsubstance forming a single mass, which can not be divided into separate components: the "cream", "spirits", "yeast". Some substances can be called only by another noun that defines the extent of his "spirits drop," "spoon of cream."
- Nouns - names of some games,which uses a specific set of subjects: "Checkers", "towns", "chess", "Backgammon" and refer to some studies that do not have a clear structure, consisting of a variety of activities, content and order of which can be changed arbitrarily, depending on the circumstances: "chores", "gatherings".
- A small group of nouns denoting proper names: the Carpathians, the Alps, the Andes (refer to the common name of mountain ranges), Essentuki, Sumy, Borovichi (historical names).
It should be noted that nounsis used only in the plural form, have the category of gender, ie, they can not be attributed to the male, female or neuter, like most nouns of the Russian language.

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