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WHAT wooden frames for better plastic windows

The wooden frame for better plastic windows

The range of many firms began to appear window windows made of wood.

Often these windows to acquire villas, but they can be used in the apartment.

What is the best plastic timber?

In a fashion back wooden windows. Very often such windows were used in the construction of a country that had never rushed ordinary white plastic window packages. Modern windows made of wood and can be used in the apartment, and in the country. According to its thermal insulation performance glass windows are not inferior plastic Europackage.
Modern windows do not need to be repaired, cleanedtwice a year to seal. Now the tree is processed by special trains, saves from the cracks of the frame and deformation. Caring for these windows is very simple. Frames are made of laminated materials, not solid wood, which helps keep heat in the house much more efficient. Moreover, the tree has a more aesthetic appearance in comparison with the plastic, which increases the interest in this material by the buyers.
It is an important process in the manufacture of woodwindows is drying. That error cause on drying frames in appearance of cracks and increased heat loss. Also important foresight and post-treatment and impregnation lacquer frames. The frame must be treated with water-repellent and durable surface with varnish to avoid splinters and burrs.
Good wooden windows keep the house in the summercoolness, and in winter - heat. In the hottest weather wood is heated less than the plastic and plastic in the cold box on the touch considerably colder wooden frames.

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