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What wine to choose

What wine to choose

Wine - one of the most noble beverage.

There are hundreds and thousands of varieties.

That is why it so difficult to find a particular beverage to a particular meal.

These simple rules

There are only a few rules that need toto follow, not to be mistaken. The most important states that light wines are served in a light food - chicken and fish, and thorough food, such as beef and game requires strong wines. If a little easier is usually enough to remember that white wines with fish, chicken and pork, and red - with game and beef. By and large, this is the basic information necessary to the beginner.

It must be remembered that the quality of the soil undervineyard always affects the aroma and taste of the wine, so that the region of its production is crucial. That is why the South African wines are so different from the French. No need to delve into the details of the cultivation of vineyards in Germany or France, to accurately understand the difference between the white wines of these countries, but a rough idea about the basic features should receive. If there is a choice between the wines of the New and Old World, choose a European. In Italy, France and Germany for hundreds of years of wine are produced, so that we can say that their technology more perfect. Do not quite so biased refers to wines from Africa or South America, just to their selection should be treated more carefully.

Varietal wines and their age

Prefer varietal wines. Varietal wine called on the grape variety from which it was made. After learning the most common variety, you'll be well imagine that it is waiting for you in the selected bottle. One of the most common varietal wines is Cabernet Sauvignon. It is rich, full-bodied taste that goes well with beef, game and tomato sauce. Pinot Noir and Merlot lighter than Cabernet Sauvignon, they taste less intense and softer. Chardonnay - a light, slightly buttery white wine that blends perfectly with dishes of fish or chicken. Sauvignon Blanc is perfect for hot days, it goes well with fish dishes.

It should be noted that varietal wines are not always made from a single grape variety. Sometimes the market can meet noble blends, such as Cabernet-Merlot.

Focus on Year. Age of wine is not always an indicator of quality. Not all wines improve with age. Most only get worse with the increase of the storage period. The concept of "vintage wine" is associated with a specific year of manufacture, but not age. The fact that the weather seriously affect the quality of the grapes and therefore wine. So what are some vintage wine its unique taste due to the combination of unique weather conditions. Therefore, choosing from two bottles in stores, do not choose the one that more years. Vintage wines are labeled by themselves, and are quite expensive. Usually winemakers marketed their products, not earlier than two years after manufacturing, which makes these wines are quite suitable for use.

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