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What is the best windows

Without a doubt, the most popular in the worldWindows operating systems will be in demand for a long time: the Microsoft company's product meets all the needs of users and does not require much technology costs to use.

But what is Windows, you can rightly be called the best of the best?

Windows in retrospect: XP, 7, 8

If we compare the length of the popularity of the three versions of Windows (XP, 7, 8), we can safely say that XP is the most popular OS in the world longer than the others. Why?
OS windows XP demanding and requires very littlethe resources necessary for its normal functioning, and its subsequent updates (Service Pack 2 and Service Pack 3) neutralize the greater number of "bugs" and "holes" in the system that were present in Service Pack 1.
Even after the appearance of Windows 7 on the computer, many continued to be those "Expo", which meet and programmers and gamers, and "Seven" at first was not widely appreciated.
Later change of priorities: Many appreciated the beauty and Windows 7 and its functionality, called "Best OS from Microsoft since the days of XP». Furthermore, the buyer is no longer there is a need to keep XP, on your computer, because the development of the computers themselves going forward, and although resource-new operating systems increases, and processing power, graphics cards and motherboards.
Thus, the current popularity of Windows 7was a copy of the most popular Windows XP about 10 years ago, "Seven" is also great for the average user and the computer at the same time provides excellent compatibility with most of the newest and most older games, applications and programs.

The analytics success operating system from Microsoft Windows Vista operating system is often omitted because of its functionality and resource-it has been recognized inappropriate average standards.

Windows 8 - a matter of taste

And although today, Microsoft moved away from buildingunique products, having gone toward improving old products, their latest development - the Windows 8 - the right to exist and, moreover, successfully implements this right.
Windows 8 is recognized by the operating system, whichwell adapted to the user and has the same functionality as Windows 7, except for some "cosmetic" or aesthetic details - a new "tile" interface, which appeared in the role of replacing the old "Start" menu.

The increased popularity of Windows 8 is not dueOnly a powerful Microsoft advertising campaign, but also the fact that this system is more succinctly fits into the hierarchy of the plates, in which the "tiled" interface plays an appropriate role.

The question of which operating system to givepreference is highly subjective: many users stick to traditions - do not want to delete the "Seven" with its standard menu, but others find the new interface of Windows 8 is not only convenient, but also original.
If we consider the two systems in terms of functional features, it is hardly normal, and even more or less experienced user will be able to carve out a significant difference between them.

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